Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Offending the Terrorists"

One of the reasons the Obama administration gave for not releasing “sensitive information” is “national security” because to do so would ‘OFFEND THE TERRORISTS.” Why? Who cares what the terrorists think? They’re going to be spending all their time killing innocent people to make some obscure “point,” anyway. Our being ALIVE “offends” them.

LYING THEN OR NOW? Certain people in the Trayvon Martin case are now changing their stories. Originally they said Zimmerman was “on the bottom being beat up.” Now they say they saw him “on top.” Somebody got to them. Were they lying before or are they lying now? I don’t know who Zimmerman hurt in the past, but that person really wants to hurt him now—and they seem to have enough influence to make a difference.

It has now been revealed that money man George Soros is behind the “Occupy” (Whatever) movement and they have now moved from just “protesting” anything that helps keep this civilization together to just being troublemakers. Soros has destroyed more than one economic system and he is working hard to destroy ours, while making BILLIONS for himself. He is the “rich man” the Democrats are talking about when they “knock” the rich. But they aren’t smart enough to know that.

A “WORKING SYSTEM”: The things Obama does in his quest for total power and the creation of a socialist nation in America are familiar. It’s the very same system Hitler used to go from an “elected leader” to a Jew-murdering dictator. Your eyes may “glaze over” when I say Hitler or Nazi, but check it for yourself.

PROSTITUTION SCANDALS RIFE: I don’t know how many government employees were engaging in prostitution while on the federal payroll in other administrations, but so far, only in the Obama administration were they so blatant as to cause not one, but TWO prostitution scandals within weeks. Something has happened in this administration to tell these people they won’t be punished for prostitution activity.

TREASON! That Pakistani doctor who was instrumental in helping the Seal Team 6 find Osama is being jailed for TREASON in Pakistan. That shows where Pakistan stands in the terrorist picture if helping to find the world’s number one terrorist is TREASON.

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