Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Using A Fool Premise

Politicians in Washington have many foolish premises, but the most foolish is that raising taxes will INCREASE the "tax take." That has been proven wrong so often I don't need to even SAY so. REDUCING taxes WILL 'increase the "tax take." That has been proven several times, first (in my memory) by a Democrat, John Kennedy, then by two Republicans, Reagan and Bush (the younger). Reagan almost DOUBLED the "tax take" by reducing the base tax rate. But don't try and convince today's politicians (mostly Democrats) of that truth. They're not listening. What FOOLS are we electing?

DIVERTING OUR ATTENTION: Democrats want to divert our attention from the debt crisis, the disastrous employment figures, and many other things proving their incompetence by conning us into fighting over such unimportant things as the "gay marraige" question.They have nothing they can run on so they bring up "problem after problem" that we obligingly fight about, while ignoring their incompetence. They hope that will get them elected again so they can screw us even more.

WHY IS OBAMA'S LIFE A MYSTERY? What does he want covered up? I'm pretty sure he was born in Kenya and IS NOT qualified to be president of the United States. But is that enough reason for him to SEAL all his records? And does he have the RIGHT to cause ALL his records to BE sealed? What is he afraid we’ll find out? Why did he go so far as to release a “Photoshopped” phony birth certificate? And why does NOBODY in Washington do anything about that? This president is a pure PHONY and nobody of any significance cares.

MIKE COFFMAN IS RIGHT: A Colorado lawmaker who said “I don’t know if Obama is a citizen but he is not a citizen in his mind” is right; and there is no reason ANYBODY should apologize for saying something that is right and proper—unless he’s afraid somebody will “target” him in the future because of what he says. Then we need to get rid of the one who threatens him.

CAN’T WIN? CHEAT: That must be the motto for the Florida prosecutor who wants George Zimmerman so bad she’ll hide evidence to do it. Why not? She has the press in her corner. They hide things and “edit” reports, too. All to “prove” Zimmerman is a racist and prejudge him, based on false evidence. When did we go so far wrong?

ARE WE STUPID, OR WHAT? We elected president a known communist sympathizer who is probably a communist, himself. He has surrounded himself with communists, socialists, and other kinds of collectivists. He is doing his best to move us toward a socialist government by destroying our free economy and blaming the failure on our free economy. Yet NOBODY who can make a difference seems to care. Why?

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