Thursday, May 3, 2012

You'll Never Find Out

I thought I saw Debbie Wassermann Schultz standing in front of a hotel with her baggage he other day. It was a good-looking girl with her hair flying in all directions. I was going to ask her if she was DWS, but then I decided not to. She would most likely LIE to me, anyway. That woman would rather LIE than tell the truth, when the truth would serve better.

OBAMA LIES: That’s not news, why is it here? His campaign is “making a big thing” about Romney saying he would not go into Pakistan in pursuit of terrorists, intimating Romney was criticizing him (Obama) for killing Osama bin Laden. It’s two different things.

“CELEBRATING BIN LADEN’S KILLING” Should we be “celebrating” the killing of Osama bin Laden? That question was asked  on Fox News the other day. My answer is, YES! A resounding yes! Osama MURDERED 3,000 innocent American citizens in one swipe, and many more later and before. As long as he was alive, he would kill more. IF he was killed on that date. I think Bush “got him” years ago in one of the caves in which he was hiding. Obama’s “Osama killing” was fake, and even fooled the Seal Team 6 men who killed what was probably one of his doubles.

LEFT SLAMS “ILLEGAL” AS A “SLUR”: It may be, but it is a CORRECT slur. Illegal is illegal. You can’t deny it by labeling the word “illegal as a slur and telling people they can’t use the word. I REJECT it, outright. When referring to ILLEGAL aliens, I WILL use the word “illegal.” I don’t give a damn what liberals tell me I can’t do. They don’t RUN me.

SPIKING THE BALL: Obama said he would not “spike the ball” about killing Osama (if he did),but he spent the week of the anniversary of the CLAIMED killing of Osama “spiking the ball” everywhere, INCLUDING in Afghanistan itself. This guy amazes me at his ignorance and arrogance.

LYING ABOUT FOX: Liberals keep saying Fox News lies and twists right in its coverage of the news, but none of them can come up with a TRUE case of it. They come up with many LIES, but nothing real. It’s known that Fox has more liberal employees than most liberal news media sources.

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