Sunday, May 6, 2012

We Can't Afford It!

Obama is making many promises of more and more “giveaway programs,” but the little known. But widely suspected secret is, we just can’t AFFORD the things he’s promising, and for the most part, the people who want a “free ride” won’t get it unless he continues to borrow and print money, which will make every dollar now in circulation worth less, meaning WE (and our descendants) get to pay for his promises.

ROMNEY “IN THE TANK”: Democrats are running a “hit piece” ad saying Romney is “in the tank for big oil.” In The tank for “big oil? Maybe. If so, for what reason? He probably has more money than they do, and what should he DO for them? Make gas prices lower? If so, I’m all FOR it.

TERRORISTS FLEXING: They’re “flexing their muscles” while Obama prepares to “cut and run” in Afghanistan like he did in Iraq. There has been a lot more violence there during the week of the anniversary of Obama’s CLAIMED killing of Osama. I still think Bush got him many years ago when we bombed one of his caves with him in it. Terrorists have been trying to convince us he’s still alive ever since. I think all Obama’s people did was kill one of his look-alikes.

AL-QAIDA DEAD? Obama’s government is happily saying the death of Osama means that al-Qaida is dead. So what? Al-Qaida is but ONE terrorist organization. These Islamic terrorists are like ants. Kill a few of them and they reorganize to come at you from a different direction and, in the case of these terrorists, under a new name. What if al-Qaida is dead? There are fourteen new organizations training murderers and killers to come at us next.

“TALKING” TO THE TALIBAN: What an excellent exercise in futility! “Talking” to Islamic terrorists is like talking to a wall. They want only ONE thing: the DEATH of all “Infidels.” Infidels are ANYBODY who doesn’t believe the exact same way they do. They want nothing less and no amount of “talking” is going to make ANY difference in our favor. If they “agree” to anything, they will violate their agreement as soon as it suits them. The only way to “handle” Islamic terrorists is to kill each one we can find, as soon as we find him. No waiting. Kill him.

IT’S CALIFORNIA’S FAULT: Liberals are criticizing Apple for taking every lawful deduction it can when paying its taxes. They say Apple is “unpatriotic” for not paying more taxes than they legitimately owe and that is responsible for California’s financial troubles. . . .NOT!  What is responsible for California’s financial troubles is irresponsible liberals in the government in California who won’t stop spending, no matter how broke they are. We have the same problem in Washington, but they can print money and put off the accounting for our descendants to pay.

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