Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Obama Sez “War On Terror is Over"

But we keep on getting reports of “isolated incidents” of terrorist activity from all over the world. Why is this? Kinda makes it hard to finish the “report” about the end of the war on terror, doesn’t it? I think it’s just another one of Obama’s brazen self-serving lies.

POLITICIANS RIPPING US OFF: In Denver they plead for us to use less water; and when we do, they raise our rates because of “reduced water use.” The DMV is the same way. For no apparent reason except they COULD, they DOUBLED the cost of registering your car. So now, instead of paying $45 (or less) to register a 14-year-old car, I pay $105.00. This state does NOTHING for me that’s worth that much money for PERMISSION to drive my car.

JOE STRIKES AGAIN: Vice President Joe Biden has made yet another stupid statement. He says Iran being a problem is OUR FAULT for doing nothing about him during the Bush years. This is patently false. We did more during the Bush years about Iran than did any other president, before or since; and especially more than Muslim extremist-loving Barack Obama. That this is typical Biden stupidity goes without saying. Biden is the epitome of incompetent politician. Obama looked for an incompetent politician for his veep, and he found one.

“FORWARD” IS SOCIALIST MOTTO: And I’m sure Obama knew it when he adopted it for his own. But Wikipedia scrubbed a year-and-a-half old article to keep from calling attention to it. Obama is working hard to make this into a socialist country with him at its helm, and his cronies don’t want us to be aware of it. Unfortunately for him, that horse has already gone.

THE “COMING RACE WAR”: That’s what black racists are talking about today. I remember WHITE racists in North Carolina saying almost the same thing in the fifties. I guess racists are racists, whether white or black. Of course they’ll call ME a racist for having the temerity not to “follow orders” and use the term they are dictating, “African American.” But I don’t follow orders from liberals of ANY color. They can go to hell!

“ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY”: That’s what liberals call it when somebody who previously disagreed with their preconceived notions finally “flip-flops” and agree with their opinion. Apparently they think just because it is their opinion it is “on the right side of history.” I got news for them; it is NOT. The right side of history is the right side of history and has nothing to do with their OPINION.

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