Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video Disappears

A local TV station had a video of a TSA agent vigorously “patting down” a U. S. Congressman. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the video is no longer available. I guess it must have backed up his story so they “pulled it.” I’m not surprised.

OWS: GET A JOB!  Yeah, I know it’s hard, but it will continue to be an impossible mission if you keep spending all your time “occupying” this and that. You SURE aren’t going to get a job if you keep spending all your time making trouble for the very people who can GIVE you a job if you’ll just “go after it” instead of demonstrating for a “free ride.”

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Joe Biden (Biteme) is a “gaffe machine.” Every time we let him out of his cage to make a speech he says or does something stupid. How did this jerk ever get elected vice president? Obama wanted a stupid veep, and he certainly found one in Joe. Joe is a good “insurance policy” against assassination, for sure. It was better when Nancy was also in line, but still, nobody with any intelligence wants (Old Uncle) Joe as president, ever. That way, there’d be NO controls on his mouth.

OBAMA BRAGS ABOUT GETTING US OUT OF IRAQ: But what is there to brag about? ANYBODY could have “cut and run,” and that’s what he did. Soon he’ll be bragging about getting us out of BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan, and that’s what he did in both places: “cut and run.” We won nothing by leaving Iraq and will win the same when we leave Afghanistan. So what’s there to brag about?

It’s so obvious it’s a “:put-up job” in Russia it’s funny. We laughed when one southern governor who couldn’t “succeed himself” by law got his WIFE elected governor in his place for ONE TERM, while he ran the next time again and won. Meanwhile he was her close adviser. Now we’re laughing at Russia for the same reason. Russia is still a COMMUNIST country, only under a different name. The same people are still in charge. Don’t let them fool you.

TAKING MONEY FROM SOCIAL SECURITY: Obama keeps saying REPUBLICANS want to destroy Social Security. But Obama is the president who took $500 BILLION dollars out of Social Security. This guy is the most brazen LIAR I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen some brazen lies told.

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