Sunday, May 20, 2012

Painting Honest Businessmen As Villains

That’s what Obama is doing to honest people who are “saving” failing companies and making them profitable, while actually CREATING jobs instead of falsely CLAIMING to have “created jobs” as Obama is doing. Everything Obama does is a lie. He doesn’t DARE run on is record because it’s so miserable. So he CREATES “villains” (straw men) and points to them, saying, “looky here!” And while we’re looking, we fail to see his money-squandering ways and his swindles.

FAILURE IS PART OF THE FREE MARKET: That’s one basic fact of life liberals do not, and never will understand. They want EVERYBODY to succeed even if they do nothing to contribute to society! Then they can penalize them for their success! That’s what they do. They don’t understand that SOME entrepreneurs FAIL. If it were easy, EVERYBODY would do it. It’s NOT easy, so everybody DOESN’T do it. And no amount of “making of laws” will make it true.

NATIONAL EAT WHAT YOU WANT DAY: Hey! How about that? Michelle is giving us ONE DAY to be able to eat what we want. Except for May 11th, we’re expected to eat what SHE wants. How about that? I’ll tell ya what, Michelle: I eat what I want, when I want it. I don’t take orders from a flighty “thinks she’s queen” woman who thinks she can control my diet. Get OUT of my dinner table. I don’t want you there. Now go ahead and call me "racist" and get out of my face.

DON’T TAX THE RICH: That’s one of Obama’s recurring socialist themes. He says “the rich” don’t pay their fair share of taxes. But they DO! They pay 86% of all taxes paid. But don’t try and tell that to a liberal. They won’t hear it. They have the ability to automatically “tune you out” whenever you attempt to tell them the truth while they continue to repeat the lie.

NO COMPROMISE: Not if we’re smart, and I hope we are. Whenever the liberals, especially Obama tell us we “must compromise,” they mean one thing: dump our most cherished values and come over to THEIR side. Obama and the liberals have NEVER compromised on anything important. They only TALK about “compromise” to con us into going along with THEIR side. Well, it’s not going to happen if we’re smart, and I hope we are.

CALLING YOU NAMES: One of Obama’s most often used scams is to call you names, such as “birther” and “racist” instead of answering your proper questions. He figures you’re going to be diverted and try to answer his “name-calling” and will forget the questions you asked. So far, he’s been right. If you're bothered when they call you names instead of answering your questions, you're a fool. Keep asking 'til they answer.

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