Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Reduce the Deficit

The answer is simple: stop spending more than you take in, then lower your taxes. When you stop spending you take some pressure off the producer, who creates ALL the jobs. When you lower taxes you create more taxable income. People go out of their way to avoid taxes less and the “tax take” goes up. Politicians (mostly Democrats) REFUSE to know this. Say this to them they laugh at you. But it is true, and Reagan proved it worked (So did Bush and Kennedy). Politicians say “things were different then.” But they weren’t. Only Reagan’s presence made things different.

CHESTER A. ARTHUR: In case you’re wondering, he was once a president of the United States many years ago. His presidency was notable for nothing. Thus, nobody knows about him. So this government came out with a “presidential coin” bearing his likeness. Nobody wanted one, so nobody bought one. So as usual, the government raised the price for it. One of the many reasons why if the government was a business, it would go bankrupt.

More people are buying diesel cars. Which means an increase in demand for diesel fuel; which means the price of diesel fuel will go up. Like electricity: they’re pleading for us to reduce our use of electricity. If we do, soon they’ll notice a reduction in electricity income. So they’ll raise our rates, just as the water company did when we used less water when they asked us to.

I heard about a blogger for “Chronicle of Higher Learning” firing a blogger for a post about the validity of black studies. I “Googled” “fired for telling truth” and got 10 MILLION, 200,000 results in 16 HUNDREDTHS a second. That tells me something about our society today beyond ONE person being fired for telling the truth. There’s a lot more of that going on than I ever thought possible, right under my nose because nobody seems to do or say anything about it beyond “local reporting” on each situation, if it DOES get reported at all.

“JULIA” STORY PHONY: On Obama’s own web site is a story about a girl named Julia who went through life getting one handout after the other from birth to death and it made her more successful. Only problem is, it didn’t happen. It is, as usual, an Obama “fairy tale.” “Throwing money at it” just doesn’t work. There has to be more to it than that. You can’t just “throw money” at poverty and make a person more successful. There has to be SOMETHING in that person that ENABLES him/her. to make the most of ANY money they get. The stories of people in Hollywood who suddenly become “filthy rich” and soon “go to hell” on drugs and booze and sex are rife. Just getting money alone doesn’t help.

AL QAIDA MAY BE DEAD: Obama says al-Qaida is dead and the Taliban is declining. That may be true and it may not be true. But Islamic terrorism is alive and well and is killing people every day. There is an Islamic terrorist under every bush in the Middle East, and they are spreading out all over the world. No day passes without news of yet another Islamic terrorist atrocity SOMEWHERE in the world. The only way to end the “Islamic terrorist problem” is to KILL EVERY Islamic terrorist we can find, wherever we find them, as fast as we can.

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