Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He "Told them to Find Osama"

Since when does an insipid president have to give our security services ORDERS to “find Osama?” Haven’t they been working on doing that ever since 9/11? If they haven’t, they’re committing “dereliction of duty.” They make it sound almost as if Obama had control of the triggers in the hands of the Seal Team 6 members confronting him. He did not. He was barely involved, at all. If the order to capture or kill Osama was not already in force, SOMEBODY screwed up. They should have NEEDED no such order.

OSAMA’S DEAD—ARE WE SAFER? On Fox News they ask this question: “Osama bin Laden is dead—are we any safer? The answer is NO. There is no dearth of fools who hate us and everything we stand for with a fervent hatred and for every Islamic terrorist we kill there are two who are stupid enough to “pop up” and replace him.

“OCCUPY” TRYING TO DESTROY WHAT FINANCES THEIR DEMANDS: They’re DEMANDING a “free ride at the expense of others, but they hate and want to destroy the very people who are to FINANCE their wish for that “free ride.” In other words, they want to “kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.” Are they FOOLS or what? They’re FOOLS. The very demands they make show that, and their actions go to show it further.

IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! Obama has issued an executive order to find out the names of your political contributions so he can PUNISH them by refusing them the right to do business with his government. One more reason to vote him out of office.

DIVIDING US UP: Obama says he wants to “bring us together.” But everything he does is designed to “divide us up” into smaller groups, which makes us easier to control. He’s like a skunk: “black and white and everything he does stinks.”

RACE-BASED: The only thing “race-based” in the Treyvon Martin killing is the news coverage. They have gone out of their way, even to the extent of  “editing” the 9/11 call Zimmerman made and calling him unnecessarily a “WHITE Hispanic.” What is a “white Hispanic?” Something in the imagination of a newsman who wants to defame him. Zimmerman is as much WHITE as is Obama, for the same reason.

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