Sunday, June 3, 2012

Syria Blames Rebels for Massacres

Government troops are killing and maiming Syrian citizens and stealing from them after shooting them (only one step further than our government). Witnesses tell about SOLDIERS coming into their homes and killing everyone in sight, stealing their property and leaving everybody for dead. It’s easy to blame the rebels when you allow NO newspeople in the country, but the truth will ultimately come out.

MUSLIM CLERIC: “INTERFAITH GROUPS FORBIDDEN”: So what else is new? We all now know to be a Muslim is to be forbidden many things, most notably ANY possibility of changing faiths or even RECOGNIZING that other people have the RIGHT to their own faith. Muslims are taught that they should FORCE others into the Muslim faith, whether or not they want it. They whine about “religious tolerance” where theirs is concerned, but have none toward other religions. They are the most INTOLERANT religion out there.

I like the “Crankshaft” comic strip. In fact, I identify with Crankshaft in some ways. A recent strip said that Crankshaft’s wife has “an impenetrable shield that deflects all blame” while” the only thing that can get through is guilt from her side. Hmmm . . .  like Obama’s.

: That’s what the DOJ is telling Florida. Apparently they want to continue their vote-stealing ways wherever they can. They fight “tooth and nail” to stop all efforts to require a photo ID for voters, even though we have to show one for almost everything we do otherwise, except one of the most important thing there is, the choice of a president, with NO WAY to prove you’re not voting more than once. They want no impediment to their voter fraud.

DEMOCRATS REQUIRE PHOTO ID: To enter their convention in Massachusetts. So what’s wrong with requiring the same for everybody who votes? That’s easy. To do so would cause Democrats to lose many more elections if they could not steal elections.

WHY WOULD ANYBODY LISTEN? There’s an ad out now saying, “Millions Ignore President’s Refinance Advice.” Why would ANYBODY with any intelligence LISTEN to any “advice” Obama gives us, on anything except on how to steal an election and fool Americans?

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