Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Doubling Down on Insanity"

Obama has given the Congress a “list” of things he wants to see them accomplish—soon. But why in hell should we “double down” on doing things that move us closer to disaster. We need to STOP spending more than there IS while blaming all our problems on a regime that hasn’t been in power for almost 3-1/2 years. He need to start taking responsibility for what HE has done and STOP moving us ever closer to socialism.

TEA PARTY DEFEATS “UNDENEATABLE” SENATOR: A “Tea Party favorite” (state treasurer Richard Mourdock) has beaten long-time Senator Richard Lugar (in the PRIMARY fergawd’ssake)! Even if Mourdock loses in the general election, we will still be well rid of Lugar. But even better, this result is indicative of the trend of incumbent leftists losing to “Tea Party” candidates and may signal an end to liberal dominance in our government. We can only hope a Democrat doesn’t win this seat.

IS OBAMA A COMMUNIST? Many think so. Obama a communist? Is he? Lets look the facts. Obama was born to TWO communists parents. He was RAISED by communists. His close friends, and close mentors (Bill Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon among other places and says he feels NO regret for that), whose father, Thomas G. Ayers, a follower of communist Saul Alinsky) actually got him a JOB that began his political career, then Bill helped by holding a funding meeting for him in his (Ayers') home. Thomas (Ayers) was a follower of Communist Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals,” that set out rules the Ayers still follow. How could he NOT be a communist?

THEIR EYES GLAZE OVER: I know people’s eyes “glaze over” whenever they hear the word, “communism” or “communist.” They’ve been conned into thinking that “communism is dead” since the failure of communism in Russia. But Russia was only ONE country that was “ruled” by communism for many years. It is NOT the only country to be communist or socialist. People need to wake up to the fact that MANY forms of collectivism, including communism, are “alive and well,” threatening to “take over” if we aren’t aware of it.

“FAIR SHARE”: It’s one of Obama’s most often used words, and is a “watchword” for collectivists (socialists, communists, Fascists and progressivists are all different forms of collectivism). If you ask a “leftie” what IS “a fair share,” they can’t come up with an real answer because there isn’t one. This is just yet another “code” for collectivism, a system that has NEVER worked (Russia and Cuba among others), but which they continue to try.

WAS IT POLITICAL? Was it political when Obama suddenly “came out” that he thought gays ought to be able to marry and then went directly to a fund-raiser where gay activists wrote him checks for several million dollars? Of COURSE it was political! Everything he does; every time he opens his mouth, is political. When he puts his pants on in the morning it’s political. He didn’t need to come out in favor of gay marriage, but he did it to make headlines that would displace those about his disastrous economic decisions while he squandered many TRILLIONS of our dollars.

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