Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kerry's Rich, So's Romney

But Democrats never mention Kerry’s huge “married into” fortune while they can’t shut up about Romney’s EARNED fortune as if being a REPUBLICAN and rich was a crime. The “double standard” in Washington is absolutely amazing! Democrats HATE rich people—unless those “rich people” are Democrats or liberals, of course. Then they just don’t mention it. Have you heard the liberal media say a derogatory WORD about the richest of them all. George Soros?

MORE OF THE SAME: France is in serious financial trouble because of way too much spending on “social programs,” better known as “giveaway programs.” French President Sarkozy recommended “austerity programs.” Otherwise known as “cuts” in those giveaway programs. So the French voted him out and elected a socialist, who would give them “more of the same,” even if it destroyed their economy. They don’t care if it does, as long as it doesn’t happen in their lifetimes.

“THE REAL WAR ON WOMEN”: The Democrats tell us all about the “war on women” they want us to THINK is being run by Republicans. But as usual, the only “war on women” we can actually see is the one pushed by DEMOCRATS. Evidence of that is the ugly “doctored” picture of Glenn Beck’s GB TV commentator, S. E. Cupp with a penis in her mouth in Hustler Magazine (published by a well-known liberal, Larry Flynt). If a Republican did something like that, Democrats would be “jumping up and down” into the next century.

“ECONOMIST” IGNORANT OF “BASELINE BUDGETING”: The guy who wrote an article that erroneously said Obama had not spent more than any other president based on false data from Nancy Peelosi was on a television show when a caller told him about “baseline budgeting,” (where each agency AUTOMATICALLY gets a 10% INCREASE every year, which allows them to call it a CUT when they get LESS) which has been used to fool the public for many years, and he didn’t know what it was. When it was explained to him, he LIKED it and said “We should use that.”

“ISLAMAPHOBIA”: Islamic extremists are quick to call it “Islamaphobia” every time ANYBODY criticizes them. But it isn’t “Islamaphobia” when Islamic extremists are killing innocent people all over the globe for no reason other than they aren’t THEIR KIND of Muslim. Telling the truth about Islamic extremists is NOT “Islamaphobia: and no amount of repeating this slur will make it so.

INTERFERING WITH THEIR CULTURE: That’s what Islamic extremists say we’re doing when we rightfully RETALIATE against their atrocities. They kill innocent people and we kill guilty people right back, and they “jump up and down” saying we’re “interfering with their culture.” Nothing could be further from the truth. If they had left us alone, we’d have left THEM alone.

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