Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Strengthen" The UN?

That’s what Obama wants to do. Never mind the UN is made up of a bunch of dictators and socialists who hate us. Never mind that Un “Peacekeepers” just stand around while the “locals” kill and maim one another. Never mind that the only thing they seem able to do when one of their members (or someone not a member) commits an atrocity is to vote on a “condemnation” that has no effect and is roundly IGNORED by everybody. Never mind the UN just wants to be a “World Government” and that it is one of the most corrupt organizations ever. And Obama wants to “strengthen” it? What about strengthening his own country? Everything he has done since he was elected by the dim-bulbs of society works to WEAKEN it.

WE’LL DO IT OURSELVES: Obama said during the Gulf oil crisis that “If BP can’s clean it up, we’ll “push them aside and do it ourselves.” Everything Obama has done during this crisis worked to make the leak WORSE! How did HE plan on “doing it ourselves?” He can’t even balance his budget!

CAPITALISM NOT RESPONSIBLE: The liberals are blaming CAPITALISM (the free market) for the economic disaster we’re facing now. They’re LYING. The cause is the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” a law that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could NOT pay it back. That this was a “recipe for disaster” goes without saying. But the liberals want to impose SOCIALISM on us so they lie about the free market.

“ENOUGH OF CAPITALISM: That’s what Howard Dean, former chairman of the Democrat National Committee is preaching: that we “have had ENOUGH of capitalism.” This just shows his appalling IGNORANCE. The only alternative is SOCIALISM, which has never worked, anywhere it has been tried!

ASTUTE OBSERVATION: People who make astute observations are often mistaken for cynicism and ridiculed by people who aren’t smart enough to realize it IS an “astute observation.”

TAX ON A TAX ON A TAX: Obama’s people want to impose a VAT tax (Hidden Value Added Tax) on top of every other tax we have to pay on everything we make. What Obama and Congress does BEST is figuring out how to scam more and more money out of us without us rebelling. It won’t be long, now.

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