Friday, February 4, 2011

There Is A Good Reason

There is a good reason why some people don’t buy health insurance. They can’t afford it. No amount of laws DEMANDING they buy it are going to change that, and a fine will not, either. Frankly, if the feds come to me and demand I buy it, threatening to arrest me and fine me if I don’t, I’m going to tell them what to do with their threats while I throw them bodily out the door of my private residence.

WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG? It’s a clear case that Obama is “stonewalling” about his citizenship, which tells me he is NOT a citizen of the United States and thus is not eligible to be president. What’s taking so long for somebody to DO something about it? It’s not as if it’s a complicated issue. Either he has a birth certificate showing him to be a citizen, or he does not. Quit stalling! Git ‘er done!

SOCIAL JUSTICE: That’s a “code word” the socialists (Democrats) use to disguise the fact they’re talking about taking YOUR money and giving it to others who haven’t earned it. “Progressivism” is another “code word” to mean the same thing; socialism. Don’t fall for it.

OBAMA FAVORS ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD: He wants to allow them to take over in Egypt. Forget it is the MOTHER of all terrorist groups, CREATING several others, such as HAMAS. When is this incompetent jerk going to wake up to reality? ElBaradei, one of the best-known anti-Americanists in Egypt, insists the Islamic Brotherhood is NOT a terrorist organization. And Obama favors him as their next president. Jeeze, what a fool we have as president!

PLAYING RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS: Hosni Mubarak is playing right into the hands of the Islamic terrorists by sending in his “private citizen” troops to create violence upon his enemies. He’s done. He should realize it and just “go away.” But NO! He sends in his “troops” in civilian clothes, some mounted on CAMELS and horses to beat up on the demonstrators. But he’d better be careful. The demonstrators far outnumber his “shock troops in civilian clothes” and MAY just beat the hell out of THEM. Meanwhile he’d better be running. If he keeps up what he’s doing, Egypt is going to be in the hands of Islamic terrorists before it is over if he doesn't watch out.

HATE SPEECH: Liberals complain that “conservative” radio hosts use too much “hate speech” and that “sets off” the crazies in our society. They carefully refrain from talking about the LIBERALS talking about IMPEACHING Justice Clarence Thomas (for what, they can’t say; maybe just for being black) and sending him back to the fields (as a slave, I guess) or just HANGING him. Others want to “duel” with Glenn Beck, killing him, I suppose. Actually, there are too many examples for me to mention. (Of course, this violates their unreasonable and irrational hatred of guns). Point made.

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