Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gas Prices Going Up

Why? Because of the “unrest in Egypt,” of course! At least it is according to our inept politicians who keep ADDING to the price increases by “meddling with the market” and STOPPING our oil companies from drilling, or even SEARCHING for oil anywhere the U. S. runs things. It’s easy for them to blame things on things like Egypt, but those causes are only a SMALL PART of the reasons why oil prices are so high, and getting higher. Meanwhile they ALLOW foreign oil interests to drill, right on our borders, then sell us the oil they find at inflated prices.

AFRAID OF BLACK: Officials at CU Boulder (Colorado) are questioning students who paint their faces and bodies black and gold to support their school’s football team because one of the colors is BLACK. They’re frightened to death SOMEBODY will be “offended.” But the only people thinking like that are the racists in the “administration. The students certainly aren’t. they just want to be proud of their school. Racists are people who are CONSUMED with race—which aptly describes CU’s “administration.”

CHANNELING OUR RAGE: We’re rightfully angry at the actions of the current “left-wing” administration in Washington. But the leftists want to “channel our rage” into actions that will allow the left to “paint us” as “out-of’-control” and violent. So far, the only violence I’ve seen has COME from the left.

AL-SADIR’S BACK! He’s still fomenting violence, as usual. But now he’s angling for a real position in Iraq’s GOVERNMENT. How this man has escaped being arrested, charged with many crimes, and HANGED is beyond me. I’ve never been able to figure out how such men seem to do their “dirty work” untouched by the law. If Iran’s president buys the putrid sludge al-Sadir’s putting out, he’s even stupider than I thought he was.

TEA PARTIES ARE SURE BAD FOR US! Aren’t they? What they want is a balanced budget, a strong national defense, and to keep our borders secure. Not to mention fewer taxes and less government control over our lives. Boy, that IS bad for us, isn’t it? They paint them as “violent,” but so far, all the violence I’ve seen has come from the left.

THE RICH DON’T PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE? What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is! The top TEN PERCENT of wage-earners pay 70% of ALL taxes paid. How they manage to keep this myth about the rich not paying their share going, I don’t know. I guess Hitler’s PR flak was right. Keep repeating a lie often enough and people come to believe it and will fight you if you try and correct things.

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