Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Court Is Enough

If a judge in ONE COURT rules a law unconstitutional, it doesn’t matter if sixteen others ruled otherwise. The law CANNOT be enforced. Obamacare is OVER. It need not be repealed. It’s dead. Obama just won’t admit it. He questions the right of the judiciary to limit the federal government. But that’s what they are THERE for. That’s ALL they are there for.

TELLING ADMISSION: “AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka made quite a bold admission recently when he revealed raising wages for workers wasn't really his top priority. Instead, his top priority is to use union money to fundamentally transform America into his progressive [socialist -RT] vision.” (Glenn Beck) sounds like this guy ought to be dropped (on his head, possibly?) His agenda doesn’t make him a good head for anybody’s union. But will anybody do anything about it? Doubtful.

OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE SWINDLE REVERSED: Maybe not by the Congress, which is still “ruled” in the Senate by the Democrats. But a federal court has ruled the ENTIRE law unconstitutional. Which means enforcing it at all is in question. But Republicans should not relax. It still could make a “turn-around” with all the liberal activist judges there are in the court. Obama says the judge who blocked his law is an “activist judge.” So what? Many of them are “activist judges.” What Obama doesn’t like is this judge is not one of HIS “activist judges.”

GO AFTER THE JUDGE: A federal judge has ruled the entire Obama health care swindle unconstitutional, so what does Obama do? Does he plan on observing this ruling as a president ruled by laws, not whims, does? NO. He “goes after” the judge, saying he is an “activist judge,” as if that made any difference. The judge is the judge, and he has the power to do what he did, regardless. Same as when one of OBAMA’S “activist judges” makes a decision AGAINST the Constitution. All this proves is that Obama thinks he’s “all-powerful.”

FEDS CAN’T FORCE US TO BUY ANYTHING: If they get the right to force us to buy health insurance, soon they’ll be able to force us to buy an electric car or to eat vegetables we don't like. To allow them to do so IS unconstitutional. Obama will ignore this ruling, relying on other courts that ruled otherwise. His is an increasingly lawless administration and should be removed, as soon as possible.

REAGAN APPOINTEE: One of the judges who ruled Obamacare unconstitutional is a Reagan appointee. Which means Reagan is STILL affecting us, but he SHOULD be. 2/3 of America want nothing to do with Obama’s health care swindle and it’s time Obama and his cronies realized that before they unseat him violently.

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