Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Admiring FDR

Some people still like to remember that at one time, Ronald Reagan admired Franklin D. Roosevelt, and voted for him four times. They fail to mention that he finally “woke up” to the depredations FDR visited upon us and became a conservative. The tell us how Obama “admires” Reagan, even though he tries his best to “play down” Reagan’s accomplishments. This is the typical twisting of history the liberals always try.

OPPOSING SUPREME COURT REVIEW: The Department of Justice is opposing the Supreme Court’s review of Obama’s health care swindle law. I wonder why? Could it be that Obama is “scared spitless” that the Supremes will declare his “pinnacle accomplishment” as unconstitutional before the 2012 election? He KNOWS it IS unconstitutional in so many ways I can’t even count.

YOU CAN’T CURE STUPID: That’s the only thing I can say about the Hawaiian politicians who want to BAN toy guns. This is terminally stupid. Children will ALWAYS play “cops and robbers” if they have to use a STICK (or a Barbie doll) to represent the gun. You can’t stop violence by demeaning a toy gun to represent a real gun, which is more often used to STOP violence than to commit it.

OBAMA NOT THERE: How long has it been since a sitting president did not attend the celebration of a former president? Aside from the fact that Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama are at opposite poles, politically, Reagan would have attended a ceremony to honor Obama, and would have even found some nice things to say about him. He was that kind of a man. Obama is not.

THEY PROTEST TOO MUCH: When people talk about whether or not Obama is a Muslim, they hasten to say, “Of course he’s not.” I think they “protest too much.” I don’t think he is A Muslim, but I can SEE he is a “Muslim sympathizer” by his actions. If he is not, he’s a fool. But I think he’s a fool, anyway.

NOT RACISM, COMMON SENSE: Some people, mostly liberals and Islamics call ANY opposition to the “Muslim culture” racist and “anti-Islamic. It is NOT. Islamic terrorists are wantonly KILLING innocent people all over the world. THAT’S why people “shy away” from the “Islamic culture.” They don’t want any part of it. Not because they’re racist, but because they’re too INTELLIGENT to accept what Islam offers them. This is not racism, it is COMMON SENSE. Racism is to denigrate people for “following Islam.” We have nothing against those who do; we just want no part of it ourselves.

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