Thursday, February 10, 2011

We "Just don't Understand It"

We're too stupid. That’s what Peelosi And company say is the reason why 85% of the country doesn’t want any part of Obama’s health care swindle. That INSULTS and offends me. But she doesn’t care. She thinks she, and those like her are so much more intelligent than people like me (those who oppose her) that we just don’t understand her “perfectly clear explanations.” But they AREN’T “perfectly clear.” They’re unintelligible. They make no sense at all. Even when she said “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” she was admitting it. THEY passed it. We’ve READ it. We still HATE it, and it has been judged unconstitutional by the court. But they are still planning to enforce it. And this is not the first time.

TOO MUCH SUING: Illegal aliens who were stopped while TRESPASSING on a rancher’s private property while illegally entering the United States, by a rancher who is the NEIGHBOR of another rancher who was MURDERED by a similar group, SUED the rancher and they WON a $75,000 judgment. The idea of him “kicking” one of the women is ludicrous on its face. that's a typical LIE used to prejudice the jury by somebody who has nothing better. That’s typical villainization of the innocent. The courts are out of control on this, and other issues.

“SCRATCH” HARRY BAALS: In Ft. Wayne, Indiana, a man named Harry Baals was mayor for four terms. Word is he was a fairly good mayor. Now the city is balking at naming their new government Center the “Harry Baals Government Center.” I wonder why. I also hear he had a cousin named Claude.

IT’S NOT GITMO: Many people have fallen for the liberal scam about closing the Guantanamo prison for Islamic terrorists. Somebody explain to me how this will help ANYTHING. What do we do, just turn these murderers loose on society? Or do we open ANOTHER prison, which will then become the target (sorry PR cops) for liberal complaints until we “bend over (forward) again, grab our ankles,” and close IT.

REPUBLICANS SETTLE FOR INJSIPID $36 BILLION CUTS: They SAID they’d make SIGNIFICANT cuts in the$3 TRILLION federal budget. That’s what they got elected on. Now they’re “settling” for an insipid $36 billion dollars (.09%) in cuts? Looks like we need to do some more “sweeping out” in 2012, but not just the Democrats. Also the Republicans who let us down.

SEEING RACISM EVERYWHERE: Shiela Jackson Lee sees racism everywhere. But only white against black racism. A Pepsi ad involving a black woman throwing a can of Pepsi Zero at her boyfriend and hitting a white female, knocking her out, and both walking away together, leaving the white woman on the ground, has incensed her because it shows black people. I don’t see any racism in it, except that of the blacks that knocked a white woman out and just walked away. Some people are just WAITING to be offended.

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