Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attacks On Reporters

How many times do on-scene reporters have to be beaten and RAPED in the middle of a demonstration before somebody in charge in the media stop sending them out, right in the MIDDLE of riots? Of course, those who send them out don’t get beaten. They just sit in their plush offices and send people out to be beaten, raped, and even KILLED.

WILL IT HAPPEN HERE? People are talking about bringing Egypt-style “unrest” here in the United States. They WANT it. They are INSANE! Yes, this government is doing some things that could easily spark such riots, But why can’t we stop these things without people going wild and hurting others? We have LAWS that can stop the ridiculous acts of our own government, but nobody has the gonads to use them.

NOAM CHOMSKY TALKS: Noam Chomsky, author of many books and articles for liberals, showing how to disrupt things, is apparently still alive. Too bad.

FARTING ILLEGAL: In one African country they have made a law making letting a fart unlawful. They SAY it’s to “clean up the atmosphere.” I say it’s to give them an excuse to get more money out of the people. All people WILL fart, even if they don’t do it in pubic, to avoid paying a fine. This law will NOT reduce the amount of methane gas in the atmosphere. It will just make farters search for privacy.

SPEAKING OF FARTING: Our own government has made a law against “cow farts.” They SAY cows emit way too much methane gas into the atmosphere. To get money out of people on this excuse, they now charge every farmer who own cattle a FEE for each cow they own, ASSUMING each cow farts every so often.

INGENIOUS: One thing government people are good at is coming up with more and better ways to suck more taxes out of us. The above item details one method. There are many other silly things they tax that nobody, except those so taxed, even know about. Politicians and bureaucrats are good at nothing else, but they are geniuses at this.

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