Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's WRONG With These People?

Jimmy Carter says the Muslim Brotherhood is “nothing to be afraid of,” and other so-called “important people” say the same. Some say there IS no “unrest in the Middle East.” What have these people been SMOKING? Or are they just terminally BLIND? These people are either STUPID or are just LYING to us to put us to sleep so we won’t do what is necessary to “fend off” a takeover by people in our own government. Which IS it?

ISLAM ADVANCES IN TIMES OF TURMOIL: Isn’t it nice for Muslims to have a religion that thrives on violence and murder? Yes, Islam DOES advance in times of turmoil; and if none exists, they CREATE it. They work all the time to create the turmoil that can cause them to advance. Liberals are learning from them and are actively creating violence to advance their aims.

KEEPING COMPETITION OUT OF SPORTS: What idiocy is this? Competition is what sports is all about! Picture an auto race without a winner; or a baseball game without a winner. How about a boxing march where nobody wins? What would be the purpose of running the race of playing the game? Anybody who thinks they can “get competition out of sports” is completely stupid.

THEY DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Carbon MONoxide is a deadly gas. One that we breathe in every day (in severely diluted form) because it is something emitted by every automobile and truck that contains an engine. Carbon DI oxide is not. It is a substance REQUIRED for plants to live. They take it in and exude OXYGEN. That’s where we GET oxygen. Without it we’d DIE. But the liberals in power, and those pushing global warming can’t tell the difference. Sorry Al, I refuse to bow to your dictate to call it “climate change” to make it easier for you to fool the gullible.

LOGICALLY SPEAKING: Obama continues to resist the release of his birth certificate. Why? What possible reason could he have? LOGIC tells me there is NOT one; and if there is not a birth certificate showing he was born in this country, he is INELIGIBLE to be president. What part of that do people not understand? Why the HELL does nobody DO something about that?

OBVIOUS INCOMPETENCE: There are MANY evidences of INCOMPETENCE in our government. Why don’t the people in power realize this? Maybe THEY are incompetent.

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