Sunday, February 13, 2011

Attacked for Reporting Truth

Everybody wonders (well, maybe not EVERYBODY) wonders why the liberals hate Glenn Beck so much. Even more than Rush Limbaugh. Maybe it’s because he’s so effective in using their own words to show what they are. And he digs even deeper than Rush does. One of the things I use to figure just whom to listen to is the amount of HATRED the left shows for them.

ANDREA MITCHELL REPEATS CLAPPER’S BLUNDER: This is a good illustration of the incompetence rampant in the liberal media. MSNBC’s Anrea Mitchell says the Muslim Brotherhood is NOT extremist, even though it is common knowledge that they are. They assassinated Anwar Sadat and CREATED HAMAS, one of the most extreme of terrorist organizations. They have proudly admitted their goal is the destruction of Israel. If that's not extremist, nothing is.

INSURANCE ON YOUR DOG! In San Antonio, lawmakers want to pass a law forcing residents to buy insurance on their DOGS! What’s WRONG with these people? Last I heard Texas was more conservative than liberal stupid (a repetition, that). What IS it with politicians that make them think they can just “make a law” and they will have the power to do it? Where in the Texas OR the United states Constitution does it give them permission to make such laws?

WASTEFUL SPENDING: In a time when the federal government is BROKE, Obama wants to spend BILLIONS to make wireless Internet available to every American at NO cost, putting thousands of people now working in that business out of work and their companies out of business. Again, this in a world where unemployment is at an all-time high and businesses are closing at a similar all-time high. What is this jerk THINKING?

INFLATION AT ONE PERCENT: That’s what our government is telling us, while prices continue to go up and up. Do you believe these liars? There is NO WAY inflation could remain at such a low number with all the money the Fed has been printing. This is just another Obama cover-up.

NEW YORK WANTS IT ALL: If you known ANY property in New York State, and stay there, even for a short time, EVERY dollar you earn, wherEVER you really live, is then subject to New York Income Tax. If they wanted to run more and more people and business OUT of New York, they couldn’t do a better job than this.

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