Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poor Don't Pay THEIR Share

The supposed “poor” don’t pay ANY taxes, for the most part. They’re simply a “drain” on the taxpayer. Now I’m not talking about the TRULY needy such as old, retired folks without pensions or people who just CAN’T work; I’m talking about all the able-bodied people I see standing on corners smoking, drinking, and doing dope all over. Also those who SELL dope, making a LOT of money, and STILL collecting their monthly gift from a willing government who gives it to them to buy their vote to “keep the goodies coming.”

“WATCH YOUR MOUTH”: Britain is telling Israel to “tone down” its rhetoric toward Egypt and other Islamic nations. Why don’t they say the same thing to Egypt and other Islamic nations, who daily talk about “pushing Israel into the sea” and “killing all Israelis.” Hmmmmm?

WILL ANYTHING HAPPEN? Al Sharpton, that loud-mouthed liberal who has bilked millions out of many different companies by threatening to call them racists if they don’t “donate” to his charities, which he CONTROLS, with NO “oversight, owes more than $3 million dollars in taxes to various local, state, and federal governments. I’m not holding my breath waiting for them to DO anything about it.

FORD DOING GREAT: Ford is the only American car company that REFUSED to take money from the government, and is STILL making money. GM is starting to show a profit over the taxpayer money they invested in their own growth, but a large part of that “profit” will go to the government, which now owns a controlling interest in their company.

THIS IS THE “AMERICAN LEFT”: Sending FOURTEEN BUSLOADS of demonstrators to descend upon the private home of a top official of one of their “enemy” companies is how they operate. This shows what they are. And THESE are the people who accuse (with no kind of proof) the Tea Parties of violence. Why does ANYBODY give them ANY credit for their actions?

OBAMA SAYS: That China, Germany, and everywhere else are working hard to be leaders in fossil fuel development. What he doesn’t say is, WE’RE NOT. Which could change the picture rapidly if we ever did—which we’re not going to do under a liberal administration.

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