Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Threatens With Court Action

Radio host Mark Levin told NBC he’s going to sue ANYBODY who accuses him of “being responsible” for such as the Arizona shooting, for libel. And he’s right to do so. He should make a lot of money doing it, which he’ll probably contribute to charity. He doesn’t want their money; he just wants to take it away from them and let them know they’d better be more careful with the “inflammatory rhetoric: they put on their airwaves.

OUR SOUTHERN BORDER IS SAFE! That according to Homeland Insecurity Secretary Janet Incompetano, formerly governor of Arizona. If what we have down there is SAFE, I’d hate to see what we had before. Mexican drug dealers and people smugglers running rampant over the landscape, killing landowners who try to stop them, while killing Border Control agents from ACROSS THE BORDER. This is SAFE? Gimme a BREAK! I wasn’t born stupid.

GOVERNMENT BLOCKING NEW JOBS: Everything this government does makes the jobs picture look worse, while they SAY they’re “creating new jobs.” They THINK we believe that as the numbers of people without jobs grows exponentially. When is this government going to realize they’re “playing with fire?” The closer we get to the socialism they envision in our future, the closer they get to losing their own jobs,

REVOLUTION NOW! That’s what a guy in Chicago was yelling. But when he was asked what he meant by “revolution,” he couldn’t answer. He kept repeating, “You know what I mean!” But he was afraid to put it into words that what he wanted was for people to DIE to gain his agenda. This will NOT be reported in the liberal media. If such words were heard at a Tea Party meeting, it would be “shouted from the rooftops” day after day.

“WILDFIRE OF FREEDOM WILL SPREAD?” This is the kind of rhetoric spouted by Muslims as they go about murdering innocent people who have done them no harm because they do not believe exactly the same way they do. They talk about freedom while they control ABSOLUTELY the lives of their “serfs” through Sharia Law. The kind of law they actually want to bring here, but which will NEVER be tolerated by people of intelligence.

THE “RELIGION OF PEACE”: This is how the “religion of peace” deals with adultery. They publicly stone the man AND woman to death—and if one of them survives the stoning, they shoot her. In other cases, only the woman is punished, with the man getting off with minimal punishment. Islam is truly a man’s world, where men can get away with much, and women must go around wearing tents and to criticize this is to “Insult Allah.” So be it. I “insult Allah.” Why not? They "insult Jesus" every day, but the "religion of peace" will KILL you for "insulting Allah." Guess he hasn't the power to do so himself.

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