Saturday, February 19, 2011

Governor Should Know Better

Colorado Governor Ritter says Arizona’s immigration law is unconstitutional. It is NOT. As governor, he should really know better than that. But he’s a liberal, and liberal is a descendant of the “Know-Nothing Party” of old.

FACTS, NOT ASSERTIONS: Obama says we should use FACTS, not assertions not backed up by facts. Why then, does he not do that, himself? He is constantly regaling us with his “assertions,” none of which are backed up with facts; and when we ask him about it, he has his thugs run us off.

OBAMA SPENDS OUR MONEY LIKE IT IS HIS: His wife spends millions on her foreign trips, where she takes over entire hotels so her “entourage” has a place to sleep as they come along on her junkets. Obama spends money like water on his own trips around the globe, SAYING it is “business.” But he can often be found on the golf course wherever he goes. You don’t have to OWN the money to get the benefit from it, and he gets as much as he can.

ENDING HIS POLITICAL CAREER: Dallas County Commissioner (himself white) John Wiley Price, after calling another politician “fat boy (Price himself is overweight),” lost it and shouted, “All of you are white and you can go to hell.” Frankly, I can’t think of an easier way for a politician to end his career, and Price has done it.

WHY IS ANYBODY STILL LISTENING? Helen Thomas is still running her anti-Jewish mouth and some people are still listening, though I can’s figure out why. Now she says “America is not on God’s side.” Does she pretend to speak for God? I don’t THINK so. She needs to go home and sit on the front porch drinking her mint julep. She’s no good to anyone in Washington. It’s bad enough to make us LOOK at that ugly face.

“HELPING US TO UNDERSTAND”: Obama thinks we’re so stupid that he needs to spend BILLIONS to put up call centers to “help us understand” the new tax laws and how his health care swindle law benefits us. He thinks he just hasn’t done a good enough job of getting through “our thick skulls” so far. This is how he thinks.

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