Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Rich Don't Care

Joe “Biteme” says “The rich don’t care what the top tax rate is.” Which just illustrates his incompetence for the job he is in. The rich care DEEPLY about the too high tax rate because it costs them millions, even BILLIONS. What an arrogant ass is “Biteme.”

VITRIOL FOR THE RICH: The left seems to have such vitriol for “the rich,” but they seem to forget that for the most part, THEY are PART of “the rich.” These arrogant asses just don’t like people who EARN their riches. That makes them “tradesmen” who should only come to the back door if they let them in, at all. The liberals, for the most part, don’t EARN their money, they have INHERITED it from their forebears. So they know nothing about how to EARN money.

“NO GUNS ALLOWED”: Some businesses post signs saying, “No Guns Allowed.” That might stoop honest people from doing business with them, but do they think it will, for a MINUTE, stop a “bad guy” from robbing them? If honest people with guns in their pockets are there when the criminal comes in to rob them that might make all the difference.

“GUNS ALLOWED”: This is the kind of sign that businesses should post if they are going to post any at all. That means honest people who carry guns will be in their when a criminal comes in to rob them and can make “Swiss cheese” out of them.

STRANGE PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON: Charlie Rangel says there are many “strange people” in Washington. He’s right. But most of them are in the Congress and the White House. One of the strangest is the one, who shall remain nameless, who thinks the “three houses of government” are The House, The Senate, and The White House. Apparently he has not only never read the Constitution, he doesn’t even know how his government is set up.

“CORRECTION DAY”: Many people call the day we threw many Democrats out of office the “election day.” I call it the “correction day,” when we corrected some of the mistakes we made in the last election. But what happened then is just PART of the job. We need to throw many more, INCLUDING Obama, out on their ears in 2012.

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