Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama ENCOURAGING Unrest In Wisconsin

He’s sending BUSLOADS of demonstrators to Wisconsin to demonstrate against what the Wisconsin governor is doing to TRY and save jobs for state workers. He’s painting it as the Wisconsin governor being “another Mubarak.” The governor just realizes taxpayers want to stop paying the state employees MORE than they get. The “tipping point” has been reached in Wisconsin. Obama is trying valiantly to put a stop to it.

WISCONSIN TO OBAMA: “GET YOUR NOSE OUT!” Obama was quick to make a comment about the Wisconsin governor trying to increase the “contribution” of state employees in their own health insurance (after being very slow to comment on Egypt) and the governor told him, “Mind your own business. Balance your own budget before you pretend to comment on ours.” I’d have liked to have been a fly on the wall in the White House when Obama got that.

THEY’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG: Politicians continually talk about “stopping the arguing” and having the Democrats and Republicans just get along. That’s wrong. That’s the genius of the way our government was set up, so one side can never get ALL the power. There will ALWAYS be opposition. To Democrats, “getting along” means compromising OUR principles and agreeing with them. They’re not SUPPOSED to “get along.” To "get along" would create a dictatorship.

WISCONSIN-STYLE PROTESTS SPREADING: In Illinois, they are creating similar legislation to that in Wisconsin that has caused Democrats to flee the state, rather than lose the vote. Maybe it will come to similar demonstrations, or maybe not, as state workers and others realize that the state can no longer afford the handsome giveaways they are used to getting. Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana are also considering similar laws, and other states are looking closely. In those states, some Democrats have already fled the state.

“TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA”: That’s a direct quote from Glenn Beck, though I don’t think it’s original with him. It’s a BASIC truth. People who tell the truth have one agenda: to get the truth out and watch how things turn out. Those who lie just want to mislead you and control you.

“FREEBIES”: You give people freebies for long enough and they start thinking they’re ENTITLED to them and when you start taking them away after realizing you can no longer provide them, they demonstrate and even riot. That’s what is happening in Wisconsin and several other states, while Democrats are fleeing some states to avoid a vote on the issue that they KNOW they’re going to lose. Notice it's ALL Democrats fleeing.

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