Thursday, February 24, 2011

Texas Schools Mandate Arabic Classes

It’s true. We DO have school officials in this country who are THAT stupid. I wonder—do they have mandated ENGLISH classes in Arab countries? I doubt it. They want ALL the “goodies” coming THEIR way, not ours. They say it’s necessary. I’m 72 years old and never learned Arabic. It has never been a problem for me. Update: Under intense pressure from parents, they've backed off on that.

“SOCIAL JUSTICE”: That’s a liberal “code word” meaning looting those capable of, and willing to EARN their own way, for the benefit of those who aren’t, or don't, just because they “need” it: making “need” a DEMAND on the earnings of others. I don’t think this is right, and I don’t think you do, either. Tell me if you do, and be prepared to tell me WHY. If you don’t, tell me that, too.

IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL! That’s what the White House says about the “Defense of Marriage Act.” Funny; I thought that was the job of the Court to declare things unconstitutional. You know, that body Obama has been ignoring while he enforces his unconstitutional health care swindle law and his unconstitutional ban on oil drilling in the Gulf? I guess laws are constitutional or unconstitutional only as Obama deems it.

WHY CAN’T I STAY? Khaddafi (however he spells it today) whines, “The Queen of England has been in power for 53 years, so why can’t I stay?” What a stupid question that is! The Queen of England isn’t a thug and a murderer. She doesn’t “commission” terrorist actions that kill hundreds of innocent people, then con a gullible president into releasing the perpetrator by telling him the guy had only a short time to live (a lie, because he is still alive, and “living it up” in Libya).

LIBYA “LEADER” INSANE: Khaddaffi is sounding more and more insane these days. I guess the pressure is getting to him. He’s used to being the killer, not the killed. He says he’s not going anywhere. He’d rather be a dead martyr. We’ll be happy to help him with that. Martyr to WHAT? To murder and mayhem as a way to stay in power?

CHRIS MATTHEWS LIKES FORMER SDS MAN: The Students for a Democratic Society was a violent organization who wanted to overthrow the United States government. But “Hardbull” anchor Chris Matthews thinks he’s great. When is someone going to realize what a jerk Matthews is and get rid of him? Maybe getting fired will give him a “thrill up his leg.” Or he can do as Keith Olbermann is doing, and start his own “news” network, that will probably last a few weeks, at best, before it goes broke, as have other liberal networks.

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