Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MidEast--The Major Oil Producer

That’s what politicians say, over an d over. And why is that? It’s because our government will not allow oil producers in the United States to even SEARCH for oil, ANYWHERE America runs things. Meanwhile, those same oil companies do the drilling in the Middle east, then when oil is found, those dictatorships just STEAL it by “nationalizing” it. Meanwhile, we’re being “held hostage” by people who hate us.

THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRATS DO: In Wisconsin and several other states (Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana included), Democrat “lawmakers” who are in the minority, are FLEEING their states to avoid a vote to pass laws with which they don’t agree. This how those cowards with a “D” after their names stymie things when the Republicans are in the majority.

KHADAFFI (OR HOWEVER HE SPELLS IT TODAY) IS TOAST: He THINKS he can “weather this storm,” but he’s in for a surprise, as was Mubarak and that dictator in Tunisia. He talks a big game, but being the biggest coward in Libya, he’s probably already making arrangements for his flight, taking along all the money and valuables he has stolen in his 40 years at the top of the ladder. He doesn’t think he will need those arrangements, but he’s being sure. He says he'd "rather die a martyr than leave." Fine; we'll be happy to help him with that.

WHAT ABOUT BLACKS? The liberal media isn’t interested in how many blacks are involved in the Wisconsin demonstrations (which are predominantly liberal, socialist, and communist) like they were when covering the Tea Party demonstrations. I guess it doesn’t matter when the demonstrators are liberal.

THE PRIVILEGED ARE REVOLTING: Yes, they ARE ‘revolting;” but not necessarily that way (though some would argue they ARE). Teachers and other government workers make a LOT more money than the people whose taxes finance their pay. They pay a lot less for better health insurance. Now the governor tells them the state can no longer loot tax payers enough to give money to government employees. He’s asking for a little bit of help in PAYING for the goodies, and they’re going bananas, even hiring the homeless to picket FOR them.

LIBS IN “FANTASY WORLD”: Liberals live in a “fantasy world” where everybody has the same amount of skills,and makes the same amount of money. Where everything is “equal,” including the outcome. Funny; I didn’t think the world worked that way. I thought people who worked hard and gained skills and abilities were ENTITLED to earn more money than those who were too lazy to do so; that those lazy people were NOT entitled to loot the EARNINGS of others. But that’s not the way liberals (socialists, communists, Fascists, progressives) think.

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