Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Money Is A Tool

Nothing more. First, it’s a tool to use in trade. In the early days a man traded, say, a horse, for something else of value that was worth more to him than was the horse. But what if he had nothing of interest to his trading partner? Enter money. Money is based (usually) on something EVERYBODY wants: sometimes gold, sometimes other things. It was once based on SALT. It can be traded for whatever people want. It is also a tool to make MORE money. Take it away and people will not make money, and will then have nothing to use in trade for goods and services.

THE “12th IMAM” SCAM: Ayatolla Kameni has told Iran he has “spoken to the 12th Imam,” who has appointed me as his spokesman.” Wait—what? Why can’t he speak for himself? Maybe climbing up out of that hole in the ground (like Saddam did) was just too much for him. I think it’s all a scam designed to rape Muslims, with their approval. It’s identical to swindles that have been used for centuries, because it works on ignorant people—and Islam works hard to keep their people ignorant.

OIL THE ENERGY OF THE PAST: What? They really expect us to BELIEVE this pap? Oil is the ONLY viable liquid energy source in the world today. Yes, there is “wind power” and other so-called sources like “sun power.” But up to now, NONE of them have come even CLOSE to providing enough power to replace oil. Obama has promised to “bankrupt the coal industry.” Why? Doesn’t he realize that without coal there will BE no electricity? Yes, coal is “dirty” and so far, we rely on people who hate us for oil (and that’s our own fault). But there’s nothing to replace EITHER oil or coal and until there is, it’s incompetent to even THINK about putting them out of business.

OBAMA’S INCOMPETENT PRESS CONFERENCE: The other day Obama held a press conference where he went on and on endlessly and said nothing. This is something he is good at. Nothing else. He talked about US having to “live within our means,” as if HE wasn’t the one who, in ONE YEAR, has spent more than ALL previous presidents, COMBINED. It’s a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

I’M A RACIST: Soon, liberals will be calling me a racist (if they aren’t, already) because I used the word “black” in criticizing Obama. This is common. They don’t even bother to argue against my criticism, they just call me names and hope you’ll forget my criticism. This is how the liberals (all of them) operate. They can’t argue with logic so they just “label” their critics. Islamic terrorists just kill them.

“THE PARTY OF NO”: On the same subject, they continue to call the Republican Party “the party of no” because they have opposed just about everything the Democrats have proposed. But there’s a reason for that. So far, everything the Democrats have proposed is BAD. Some of it will bankrupt us and weaken this country. They don’t want to talk about that so they come up with these slogans to (they hope) make Republicans look bad without having to argue the point on its merits while (they hope) discrediting the Republicans.

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