Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Terrorists Have WON!

At America’s airports TSA agents now have “a license to feel people up” (as long as they are not Islamics. At one airport, an Islamic woman TSA agent was seen giving a catholic NUN a “enhanced patdown (grope)." An Islamic TSA agent! That’s like having a Nazi approving Jews for transportation in America in 1944.Wait a minute: isn’t it ISLAMIC terrorists who have sworn to kill EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe the exact same way they do? Americans especially, but people everywhere, including other Muslims who don’t believe correctly.

GUILTY OF I. B.: Islamic terrorists (sorry, Obama: I don’t take your orders very well not to use that term) now have a new term for it. Incorrect Beliefs, or I. B. If you are guilty of it, you are sentenced to death. They might not get you right away, but they will, some day unless we get them first. And favoring them in how they’re handled at our airports won’t do it.

SINGLING OUT MUSLIMS: This is the first war I’ve ever experienced where we “single out” the enemy for “special treatment.” How is it that swarthy Middle East guys and women wearing that scarf-like thing Muslims require their women (but not their men) to wear for NO enhanced patdowns before allowing them on airplanes? What imbecile is making these rules?

CREEPING TERROR: I’m not talking about terrorism, per se. I’m talking about the “creeping terrorism” of the government, based on their idea of what it takes to protect us. They’re “feeling us up” now at airports, saying, “If you don’t like it, don’t fly.” Soon they’ll be doing it on Main Street, USA, saying, “If you don’t like us feeling you up, don’t walk down the street.”

BUREAUCRATIZATION OF TERRORISM: Senator Teddy Kennedy was once on the “no fly list.” Does this mean he was a “danger” to the US? I think he was, but not to an airplane. I think he was a danger to the CITIZENS of the US while he was in Congress, as well as to the lives of his pregnant girlfriends. But I don’t think he ever wanted to bring down an airplane unless his pregnant girlfriend was on it. This is the result of the “bureaucratization” of terrorism.

“IT’S STANDARD PROCEDURE”: A TSA employee is “feeling up” a (non-Muslim) three-year-old girl and she bursts into tears, screaming, “Stop touching me!” He tells her, “Just shut up. It’s standard procedure.” Is this what we’ve come to? Feeling up a three-year-old girl is “standard procedure?” I’m 73. If I die soon of old age, maybe I won’t have to keep on living through what this world is becoming.

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