Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Tired of Obama

Every day I see pictures of his ugly mug on the newsstands; and on the television; and everywhere else I look. Like “Big Brother” in George Orwell’s prophetic “1984” where the country was run by this guy everybody called “Big Brother,” whose face was EVERYWHERE. Where it was on your television when it was turned off, and that TV watched YOU. I’m getting to the point where I just turn it off whenever I see his mug. Sheesh!

VIAGRA FOR RAPISTS? No, none of the politicians in this ad voted for specifically a law to allow rapists and child molesters to be able to get Viagra at government expense. But every one that voted for Obama’s health care swindle voted for a bill that would ALLOW rapists and child molesters access to it after they get out of prison, so they can “get it up” to rape either adults or children, whatever they prefer.

“THE STAFF” DOES IT ALL: Politicians do practically nothing aside from voting and raising money for re-election. The “staff” does it all. They read the legislation (when it is read at all); they WRITE the legislation their principal introduces. They write the speeches he gives. They put THEIR ideas into his head (they call it “advice”). The congressperson just takes credit for what they do and collects his money. Every once in a while he goes into Congress and votes the way they tell him he should.

NO COMPROMISE: Obama and other Democrats whine about there being “no compromise” in Washington. They want you to think it is the Republicans who will not compromise, but it is the Democrats. They have many meetings at which they hear idea after idea from Republicans, but they reject them out of hand. Then they say “Republicans have no new ideas.” Actually, Republicans have plenty of ideas, but liberal Democrats won’t hear them. Republicans simply won’t compromise their basic principles and accept those of the Democrats (liberals).

OBAMA “NOT KING”: Obama bemoans the fact that he is not king. And he talks about “crushing your enemies, referring to those who disagree with him.” Since when are people who disagree with a president “enemies?” I thought he wanted to “get them involved.” You can’t do that if you consider them an “enemy.” This is the “great unifier.” Sheesh!

LARRY KING NEEDS TO BE RETIRED: He got confused the other day and accused that “WikiLeaks” guy of “walking off” his set. Only one problem; he didn’t. Larry’s getting really old and is showing signs of his senility. He ought to announce his retirement and go home to rest. He isn’t much good as a commentator, anyway. All he does is “throw softballs” at Democrats while ignoring Republicans.

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