Thursday, November 25, 2010

Read the Damned Constitution!

Obama thinks he can intimidate Arizona by suing them on a false premise. He should READ the damned Constitution. He’d find out, in the Tenth Amendment, that ALL the “power resides in the states, or the people” There is NO WAY he can FORCE Arizona to accede to his wishes unless he has a judge or a jury willing to IGNORE the Constitution. If he manages to do that, you can forget about this being a “free nation.”

PROFILING: There is nothing wrong with “profiling” people. Cops do it all the time, whether they admit it or not. They HAVE to, in order to stay alive. If you come upon a guy who looks like the worst gang member ever, chances are he IS the worst gang member ever. Everybody “profiles” people, every day. They have to JUDGE people to be able to figure out how to deal with each one. Profiling is basically judging people as individuals.

INSUFFERABLE INSULT: The promoters of the “Ground Zero Mosque” want to use American taxpayer dollars in its construction. This is an insufferable insult to every innocent person who died there on 9/11, plus to EVERYBODY the Islamic terrorists have MURDERED since. Is there ANYBODY up there THINKING? I understand there is “serious consideration” being given to their application for FIVE MILLION DOLLARS from the U. S. government. Who up there is this STUPID?

ARE ANAL EXAMS NEXT? The way things are going at airports across the land, with people being forced to decide whether to let the TSDA look at their sex organs on a scanner (which is pure porn), or allow them to “feel them up” in public, can cavity searches not be far in the future? If they come, will Barney Frank keep getting in line for one?

TOTAL INCOMPETENCE: The people running things in this country don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. They’re all incompetent. Proof is that they try such things as the new “patdowns” that amount to a stranger “feeling you up” in public and no consideration even being given to “profiling” passengers so they don’t have to “feel up” babies and eighty-year-old NUNS. Gawd, what STUPID people do we have running things!

EVEN LIBS MAD AT OBAMA: Obama has done so many stupid things, the conservatives are mad at him. But he hasn’t done enough to keep the LIBERALS from being mad at him, too. They want him to do even MORE stupid things. They don’t care about us. We’re too stupid to know what they’re doing, anyway, according to them.

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