Wednesday, November 17, 2010

They Just "Got In The Way"

At every turn, the feds did nothing but “get in the way” of efforts to stem the leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Every time Bobby Jindal (governor of Lousiana) suggested something, the feds said “no.” Or forced what he suggested to “jump through regulatory hoops” before he could try it. This is how Obama handled it.

GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES: The number of government employees has DOUBLED during Obama’s “reign.” Positions that sometimes paid $100,000 a year or more. Is THIS simply one more way for politicians to pay off their supporters with taxpayer money? I might add that the average salary for a federal worker has also doubled.

HOMELAND SECURITY DOUBLES: This is an agency started by George W. Bush after 9/11. It has DOUBLED its budget in the last two years. I wonder how much it will increase its budget in the coming years? How many political “hangers-on” they will hire to pay them back for their support?

A KID STOPPED FROM FLYING THE AMERICAN FLAG: He was flying it from his bicycle on the way to school. The “school authorities” made him remove it because it “offended” Muslim students. I say, “Too bad if flying the flag of MY country, IN my country ‘offends’ someone who just came here and refuses to assimilate, then too bad.” The school district reversed that decision when they got too much resistance, but that decision should never have been made in the first place.

NO SHARIA LAW: There can be NO WAY Sharia Law can be instituted in this country because it is, by its very existence, UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Any judge allowing it should be IMPEACHED for malfeasance in office.

THE “POSTER BOY”: George Soros is the kind of businessman liberals want us to believe ALL businessmen are like. They aren’t. Most go about “doing their thing, hiring people, buying supplies, and creating jobs and profits for everybody who does business with them. Soros’ business IS destroying people. He has ADMITTED it proudly.

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