Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Capitalism Doesn't Work"

That’s what “progressives” (collectivists, socialists, Fascists) have preached FOREVER. But which CAPITALIST system collapsed recently? Oh; I forgot; NONE. But the Soviet Union, a SOCIALIST system, did. Capitalism has made this country the envy of the world, and the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves. Capitalism not working? What cave have THEY been living in? What have they been smoking?

CONTEMPTUOUS INDIFFERENCE: That describes Obama’s response to ANY disagreement with his policies. In addition, that’s how he thinks of his constituents. We’re STUPID. That’s why he thought it necessary recently to actually SAY he needed to “do a better job of explaining” his policies. Apparently, we’re too STUPID to understand how good they were. He has to start using words with fewer letters in them so we can understand him.

CLOVERLEAFS? OR FLYOVERS? All over the country they’ve been spending a lot of money to replace perfectly serviceable cloverleaf-type exits and entrances to freeways with much more dangerous and expensive “flyovers.” They take up a lot more space and suspend you high up. If you “lose it,” you just might end up 30 free down below. Another problem is they “ice up” as soon as it freezes, and the bureaucrats in charge of them do nothing until several people have had crashes. THEN the “leap into action” and put down some deicer—AFTER the crash, and maybe after somebody has been killed.

“THEY TALK ABOUT ME LIKE A DOG”: That’s what Obama says about his critics. Former Senator Fred Thompson says, “Maybe that’s because you treat them like a fire hydrant.” That’s one of the best quotes I’ve heard in a long time, and so true. (Thanks to My sister, Patti, and Barry Cooper for this).

SNEAKING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE: Remember that couple who sneaked into the White House? They’re still there. Their names are Obama. We need to get them out of there as soon as possible before they become king and queen of America. They are already ACTING like they are. (Thanks to my sister for this one, too.)

CAUSE IT, THEN USE IT: Obama says he can’t reverse Bush’s tax rate cuts (which would continue the longest-running financial BOOM ever, starting with REAGAN’S tax rate cuts) because that would be “financially irresponsible” with a 3 TRILLION dollar deficit. What a LOAD! He CAUSED that deficit with his “financially irresponsible” policies, then USES it as an EXCUSE not to continue the biggest economic boon ever! Sheesh!

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