Saturday, November 27, 2010

Redistributing (Your) Wealth

That shows an inclination toward THIEVERY, plus “economic incompetence.” If you take people’s EARNINGS away from them to give to those who DON’T earn, soon they’ll stop earning and there won’t be anything left to steal. “Redistributing” the wealth people EARN destroys INCENTIVE to earn. Who wants to earn a living when the government just steals it?

YOU CAN’T DISLIKE BILL CLINTON: Wrong! The first George Bush’s wife says “you can’t dislike Bill Clinton.” Yes, you can. I do. I dislike ANYBODY who tries to make a fool of me and the rest of this country and steal my property to give to those who didn't EARN it. But then, she’s a woman. And it is women who inflicted Bill Clinton upon us.

OBAMA QUESTIONER FIRED: Remember that black woman government employee (Velma Hart) who stood up and told Obama she is “tired of defending him?” I wondered when she did it how long she’d keep her job. Now I know the answer. She’s been “laid off.” Of course, they SAY her public criticism of Obama had nothing to do with her losing her job. Do you believe that? I don’t. If you DO, you’re as stupid as they think you are. I hope not.

WHO CARES? Glenn Beck has made Keith Olbermann’s “World’s worst” list. Who cares what K. O. thinks? Making his “list” is an honor. The only reason I’m not on it is he hasn’t heard of me (yet). He’s a complete jerk and will disappear into the mists when MSNBC goes out of business soon.

GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE: In Great Britain, which already HAS “National Health Care,” patients in hospitals (when they can get there) have to drink from flower vases to get any water at all. That’s after their long waits in ambulances outside of emergency rooms because of a bureaucratic edict. (The Blaze)

IS OBAMA A CITIZEN? I wasn’t interested in this controversy until Obama started REFUSING to show proof of his citizenship and actively FIGHTING people’s efforts to force him to do so, spending taxpayer money to do it. That tells me there’s SOMETHING there he doesn’t want the American people to know. IS he constitutionally able to BE president? I think he should have been forced to show proof BEFORE he even was allowed to RUN! Now it’s too late. His actions have killed many people and will kill many more—even if it is proved he is NOT eligible and he is removed from office.

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