Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Yearly Tradition

It has become a yearly tradition for Rush Limbaugh to read an article his father wrote many years ago, correcting the misinformation that has been disseminated about that “first thanksgiving.” They teach that it was a “thank you” from the settlers to the Indians for teaching them how to live in the “new world. It was not. It was a story about the settlement producing more food than they could eat after ABANDONING the socialism that almost caused them to starve, in favor of a capitalist system that helped them prosper.

JANET DOESN’T CARE: Janet Incompetano has “no problem” with humiliating American citizens with her new airport “sexual assault” of airport travelers as a “condition” of allowing them to fly anywhere. Now she says they may (which means "WILL") have to increase this jerkwater system to include ALL forms of public transportation, including buses and trains. Meanwhile, she also has “no problem” with completely IGNORING the federal laws that are designed to protect our borders because they “might” humiliate foreign people who want to come here illegally. That includes Islamic terrorists who want to come here and kill us.

INSURE DRIVERS, NOT CARS: The auto insurance con needs to be changed. Insuring the CAR is silly. A person who has multiple CARS can only drive one at a time, so the other one sits idle, while insurance is being paid for to cover it, while the insured drives one of his/her other cars. Good for the insurance companies, bad for drivers. They need to have policies that insure the DRIVER, not the car, in whatever car he or she drives.

CRITICIZING BUSH: Obama continues to criticize Bush for even policies HE (Obama) started. That’s like criticizing the fire department for a fire HE (the criticizer) started. Sooner or later he has to be willing to take his own “slings and arrows” and quit trying to blame everything on Bush.

“REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH”: Whenever a politician talks about “redistribution of wealth,” whose wealth is he talking about “redistributing?” YOURS, of course, if you are willing to work and EARN your wealth. Certainly not those to whom he wants to GIVE it. Most of them are those who will NOT work and earn anything. They just want part of what YOU earn without having to WORK for it.

PARDONING THE TURKEYS: For what? What did the turkeys ever do to Obama that they need to be pardoned, besides being born turkeys? Why does the President of the United States waste his time on such unimportant things? Actually, I’m GLAD he does. While he is wasting his time on this drivel he isn’t spending more money than there IS today. Maybe if we can keep him busy with silly stuff like this, we can keep some of our money some day. When it comes time to pardon the turkey, maybe he should just pardon himself.

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