Saturday, November 13, 2010

Communism Destroys Everything It Touches

In communist Cuba, there are sugar shortages in a country that used to be the chief EXPORTER of sugar. There are shortages of coffee and the quality of their cigars is no longer the envy of the world. Even simple production is down in Cuba. It is the well-known “land of the fifties car.” This is what communism has wrought. Even CASTRO says “communism hasn’t worked for us,” and he’s the one who IMPOSED communism on Cuba.

AFGHAN CIVILIAN DEATHS: Yes, the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan is high. Because the Islamic terrorists put civilians IN FRONT when they attack, guaranteeing they will be killed. And if there are not enough civilian deaths for them to crow about, they kill some themselves and blame their deaths on Americans.

PRESIDENT PELOSI? The far left whackos are “circling the wagons” around Pelosi. Is there going to be a movement to run her for president in the future? They have plenty of time to “clean up” her image, and they think the electorate will forget soon. They always do, according to them.

“I CAN SMELL THEM”: Harry Reid tells people he can SMELL his constituents when they come to the door of his “second floor walkup” at the Ritz-Carlton that costs him $740,000 a year. Do they really smell bad, or is it that elites have more sensitive noses that the rest of us? Or are they just that arrogant?

PELOSI DESERVED EVERY PUNCH: Liberal democrats say Pelosi has been used “as a punching bag” for Republicans. They’re right. And she has deserved every punch. She has ushered in an unprecedented amount of misery for Americans as majority leader. They’re hoping we will forget that.

CALIFORNIA PAYING UNEMPLOYED $40 MILLION A DAY: And it’s all borrowed money, the interest on which will cost them $500 million a year. In other words, they’re paying people not to work.

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