Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Middle Class Grows

At the stroke of a pen, Obama has added millions of people to the “middle class.” He did it by INCREASING the amount made by a middle class person from $200,000 to $1 MILLION dollars. Nothing else has changed, but he can now announce that the “middle class has grown.” It’s at the EXPENSE of the “rich,” but he doesn’t tell you that.

DESTROYING OUR DOLLAR: Obama is intentionally destroying our dollar AND our manufacturing so “the rest of the world can catch up.” This is right out of Ayn Rand’s prophetic “Atlas Shrugged.” I couldn’t make it up, but she did. Now it’s happening.

BUSH HAS ALWAYS BEEN POPULAR: But the liberal media won’t let you know that. They have spent the better part of their time during his presidency telling you how lousy he is while ignoring the good things he did. Now they’re fawning over Obama, not mentioning the bad things he has done, which are many. That’s why the electorate destroyed his voting majority in Congress. Now he (Bush) had a book signing where 2,000 people showed up.

SCREAMING “COMPROMISE”: Now the Democrats have lost their majority they’re screaming “compromise.” What they mean is “compromise with US.” We don’t compromise with Republicans. When we were in total power we didn’t, and we won’t now. Losers compromise. Winners (which we are) do not.

TAKING AWAY YOUR IRA: That’s what Obama wants to do next. “Nationalize” (steal) your IRA or 401 (K). Then give it back to you, minus a 2% fee and instructions on how to spend it. They’ll come up with a good-sounding name for it, but that’s what it will amount to.

“GOVERNMENT RETIREMENT ACCOUNT”: That’s what they’re going to call it. Oops—that I’M going to call it. They’re going to call it a “Guaranteed Retirement Account.” But the only guarantee is that you’re going to lose rights, money, and the power to make your own decisions.

“MISLEADING THE COUNTRY”: Liberals preach that Limbaugh, Beck, and others have been “misleading the country” into believing the Democrats are responsible for the economic slowdown, but we have PROOF they are. Where’s THEIR proof?

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