Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So The Republicans Won

So now what? The Republicans have a clear mandate: reverse everything Obama did that they can. As quick as they can. Maybe he'll veto it every time it comes up, but make him SHOW what he is, time after time. Then get RID of him in 2012. Otherwise it will have been all for naught.

TEA PARTIES “MOST DANGEROUS”: Obama says the “Tea Parties” are the “most dangerous movement out there.” And he’s right. They ARE “dangerous” to Democrats (socialists), and that’s good enough for me. What they ARE, is a name given to “outraged Americans,” who HATE what Obama has done in a very short time and want to reverse it.

REID’S NAME PRECHECKED: That’s what one Nevadan claimed. That when she got her ballot, Harry Reid’s name was already checked. Sounds like something Democrats would do, and some older people might not notice it and vote for him whether or not they wanted to. I should say that I don’t have proof of this, but it is something I wouldn’t put past Democrats. It’s well known if ANY election is close, they’re going to steal it any way they can.

HIS NINTH VACATION THIS YEAR: The Obamas are going to jet off to India for some “much needed” vacation time (now they say it's a "working trip" requiring 500 hotel rooms for 3,000 people they're taking with them) after that grueling campaign swing they did, hoping to sawing things toward Democrats in the November election. Of course, it won’t do them any good, but they’re all “in denial” anyway.

WE PREVENTED ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION: That’s the LIE Obama and his henchmen, including Harry Reid, are telling. Obama said, “The economy was shrinking, now it’s growing.” Right. It’s growing by the smallest number possible to call growing. And it’s not because of anything HE did. It's in SPITE of it. Everything he has done has made it worse. It’s hard to hold it down, though he has been trying hard. It’s because of the irrepressible nature of capitalism, the free market, and entrepreneurship.

OBAMA’S FRIENDS “FIXING” NEVADA VOTING MACHINES: The SEIU union might as well be a “fully-owned subsidiary” of the Obama administration. Whenever he needs thugs to intimidate voters, it’s the SEIU he turns to—or the Black Panthers. So when a Nevada voting machine goes down, who “fixes” it? A SEIU member, that’s who. Who is to say HOW he “fixes” it?

AGAINST INCUMBENTS: That’s what the Democrats, who are DEEPLY in denial, want us to think. But it is a “backlash” against the Democrats “ruling” AGAINST the will of the people. The people don’t WANT socialism, and that’s the direction in which we’re headed if the Democrats remain in power.

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