Tuesday, November 9, 2010


When Obama talks about “cooperation” with Republicans, he means cooperation to implement HIS plans and programs, not theirs. He NEVER “cooperates” with Republicans unless they are abandoning their own principles and accepting his.

PUT HIS FEET TO THE FIRE: The electorate has spoken. They have told Obama “we don’t like what you’ve done, and you’d better change your ways.” So now it’s up to the new Republican-dominated Congress (mostly the House) to “hold his feet to the fire” by passing bill after bill reversing everything he’s done and sending it to him to be signed into law. Of COURSE he’s going to veto them, but that will tell the world what we already know: he is still “ruling” against the will of the people.” That will mean his political DOOM in 2012. And good riddance to bad rubbish.

SAN FRANCISCO BANS HAPPY MEALS: “We’re after ‘food justice,’ says the San Fran lawmaker who introduced the measure. As Rush says, we might as well just give up on California. It’s a “lost cause.” We might as well just let it slide into the ocean. It (again) sent Nancy Peelosi back as its representative in Congress. It doesn’t realize what a danger this woman is to this nation AND to California. What a state full of idiots.

GOP WINS . . . ILLINOIS “DRAGS FEET”: A Republican won Obama’s old seat in the Senate . . . finally. He won by 70,000 votes and his opponent conceded. But the election officials (Democrats all) say they can’t confirm his win until after Thanksgiving because it’s “too much paperwork.” An excuse that’s hard to prove false, but which will keep the winner out of some very important votes the Democrats want to win. This is “business as usual” in Washington AND Chicago.

ECONOMICALLY AND POLITICALLY INCOMPETENT: The Democrats fit this description, but they want to run OUR lives. And they’ll do ANYTHING to make it happen, including create riots, kill people, and start wars. They think the way to prosperity is to punish the very people who DO create jobs, “the rich.” Yet we keep electing and re-electing the very people responsible for the economic disaster we now suffer.

REPUBLICANS . . . GET WITH IT: They’d better start working WITH Tea Party candidates instead of criticizing them as many Republicans do. If they don’t, their victories in the 2010 election will be a moot point. A failure. The socialists (Democrats, progressives, etc.) will have won.

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