Thursday, November 11, 2010

Communist Party USA Supports Obama

They have come right out in the open and SAID it. That would be all I need to reject everything Obama does, if I were not already doing it. That should tell you something about him, too. Every word out of his mouth supports communism and/or socialism (both of which are collectivism; look them up),

WHY SOROS HATES BECK: Soros doesn’t hate Rush Limbaugh because he doesn’t go into detail about what he’s doing and why. He doesn’t like him, but he doesn't hate him. Glenn Beck goes into great detail about the schemes George Soros is using, and has used in the past to destabilize money and destroy governments, Soros knows this can only go on so long before his “house of cards” comes tumbling down, so he’s investing a lot of money in an effort to destroy Beck. Now he's even sinking a lot of money into a video telling us what a "great guy" he is, and distributing it, free, far and wide. The move of a man who knows his time is limited...and not by his advanced age.

“DEATH PANELS” IN THE STIMULUS BILL: Obama said there was NO “death panels” provided for in the health care swindle bill, and he was telling the truth. It was in the last “stimulus bill” that got passed into law “under the radar.” It is now the law of the land. Did you know that? This is how politicians like Obama slip things like this past us.

“UNREASONING ANGER”: That’s what Obama and his accomplices call the reason Democrats lost so big in the last election. He’s wrong, as usual. There is every reason for the electorate to be angry. But he will never admit that. He and his cohorts think he can do no wrong.

“ALL GOOD IDEAS COME FROM GOVERNMENT”: That’s what Joe BiteMe says. Again showing his ignorance. He should ask Bill Gates who thought of Microsoft; or Steve Jobs who thought of Apple Computer; or any of the other entrepreneurs who created all the great advances we’ve seen in the last few years. It wasn’t government. It was private enterprise. He thinks NASA was responsible for many new ideas. But NASA only provided the money and specified the need. Private individuals came up with the new products, to meet that need.

THANKS TO OBAMA! Your excesses have done more to wake up this country to the evils of collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, progressivism) than anything Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or anybody else preaching truth in politics could have done. More DEMOCRATS voted for Republicans in the last election than they did for other Democrats. Many Democrats are “waking up” and becoming Republicans. And not “Republicans in Name Only” (RINO). Thanks much for your help in destroying the collectivist influence in this country.

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