Thursday, November 4, 2010

Major GOP Victory

No, we didn’t win everything. Pelosi still got re-elected, due to the massive numbers of ignorant liberals in her district. Harry Reid likewise. But she lost her speakership, and with it most of her power. All she has left is one vote. For now. Reid lost a number of Democrat seats so he’ll have to work harder to continue Obama’s theft of this nation’s riches. Hopefully, bad bills will not even GET to the Senate, since conservatives now own the House.

MASS EXODUS: Democrats, in WAVES, are so ticked off at what Obama has done to “wake up” Americans (not on purpose, of course), they’re going to vote “en masse” for Republicans. Obama has done more for the hopes of Republicans than any Republican could have done. He has DESTROYED the Democrat Party. Every time he goes on television, he makes it worse, much like he is doing with the economy.

REID: “I SAVED THE WORLD”: According to Senate Leader Harry Reid, “But for me, we’d be in a major depression.” Oh yes? How do you figure that, when everything you have done, just like the con man in the White House, has made this recession (CAUSED by Democrat-passed “Citizen’s Reinvestment Ace of 1976” law that FORCED lenders to commit economic suicide) worse? You, like most Democrats today, are IN DENIAL. You THINK you’ll be re-elected DESPITE the stupidity of your actions. Truth is, America is “waking up” and recognizes you for what you are, and wants no part of it. Yes, Reid got re-elected. Which shows the ignorance of his constituents. They'll deserve what they get.

DON’T “RIP IT APART”: Vice-President “BiteMe” says, “We don’t need a Congress that’s going to ‘rip apart’ everything we’ve done.” I got news for you veep: What you’ve done NEEDS to be “ripped apart” before it destroys this country. Seems like the majority of people in this country think what you have done is lousy and they want to reverse it. And they will.

WHAT IS PROGRESSIVISM? It’s collectivism. The same as socialism, communism, and Fascism. All are different names for the same thing, all used to confused people as to what they’re being conned into. Under whatever name they use, it’s still collectivism; TAKING from those who EARN, and GIVING that taken to those who do NOT earn. This is always done to get or maintain power over ALL of us. WhatEVER they tell you, this is what it is. Progressivism was used in the twenties until we figured it out; then they changed it to liberalism. Now that those alive in the twenties are mostly dead and liberalism is a known cancer on society, they’re changing it back.

WE HAVE TO BE BIPARTISAN: NOW he says that, now that he has lost his majority in the House and a lot of his power in the Senate. Before that, he referred to those who disagreed with him as “enemies.” Now he wants them to “cooperate” with HIM. Fat chance. He has never, not in one instance, “cooperated” with Republicans when he had all the power, and we will not “knuckle under” to him now.

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