Sunday, November 21, 2010

If You Don't Like It, Don't fly

That’s the response of the arrogant government people when people object to TSA people fondling their “private parts” in a pretense of “searching” them. That's one of the most ARROGANT things I've ever heard attributed to a government employee. and there are many. They think flying is not a “natural right.” that they have the right to DENY that right to fly to ANYBODY who objects to their overbearing regulations. A “natural right” is a little different from a constitutional right. It is a right that is yours by the fact of your BIRTH. Not one that is GRANTED by the government.

PUNISHING THE RICH: The liberals want to continue the Bush tax rate cuts for “the middle class,” but not for the people they CALL “the rich.” Anybody making more than $200,000 a year (it used to be $75,000 a year). In other words, punish the very people who CREATE all the jobs for doing so. The government SAYS that THEY “create the jobs,” which is a lie. The government cannot create a SINGLE job, except for a Democrat, in congress. I get really tired of repeating this.

BIPARTISAN, AGAIN: Whenever the liberals (Democrats) want to con the Republicans into abandoning their principles and agree with THEM (the Democrats), they whine about “bipartisanship.” To them, that word simply means agreeing with THEM. Never, never have they agreed with the Republicans. Again, I get very tired of saying this, over and over.

“SURROUNDED BY FOOLS”: After two generations of debt have been stolen, some people are still going to vote for that fool, Obama, when he runs again for president. They are FOOLS. I don’t care who they are, to vote AGAIN for Obama is to BE a fool. My own son doesn’t listen to me much, but I hope he has learned enough not to be a fool and vote for Obama.

IT DOESN’T CHANGE IT: Obama’s health care swindle wants to FORCE people who can’t afford health insurance to buy it. If they don’t, they want to FINE them. If they can’t afford it in the first place, making a law FORCING them to buy it and FINING them if they don’t doesn’t change the fact they CAN’T AFFORD IT! What is there about “can’t afford it” that you don’t understand, Obama? Damn, I get so tired of these arrogant politicians thinking they can FORCE people to do things they can’t afford!

GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT: The Democrats have elected Nancy Peelosi to be the minority leader in the House for the next four years. Nancy is the REASON they are now in the minority! Are they masochists? Do they LIKE the “ass-whipping” they got in the 2010 election? Nancy will help them to another one in the 2012 election. Guaranteed. If they like getting their butts whipped, we’ll be happy to help Nancy give them another one in 2012, and this time we’ll include Obama.

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