Thursday, November 18, 2010

Will Sarah Run?

Will Sarah Palin run for president? Nobody knows; not even her. If she sees nobody who can do the job, and is WILLING to withstand “the slings and arrows” she has suffered, she may. And I predict she will win, becoming the first female president in our history. I hope she does.

RANGEL GRIPES ABOUT BEING ABLE TO TALK: Charlie Rangel is griping about “not knowing what this boy has come up with against me” and being unable to talk about it with the witnesses. Maybe he should have done something except stall for years before this actually came to fruition. He worked HARD to avoid this happening, and managed to stall for a long time until the pressure just became too much. Now he’s complaining about not being able to “answer” the charges. Seems like he could have done that YEARS ago. He didn’t have to wait until now, then “storm out” of the meeting when he didn’t get his way. I’m waiting to see what kind of a “slap on the wrist” he gets after being “convicted.”

MAJOR REDUCTION IN CRIME: Congress promises a serious reduction in crime. I guess they’re all going to turn themselves in. Talk about “organized crime.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen more “organized” crime in my 72 years on this earth. What a bunch of jerks! (Inspired by a “Shoe” comic strip)

“TAKING MONEY OUT OF THE ECONOMY”: That’s how Obama and other liberals describe leaving Bush’s tax rate cuts in place. As if ALL the money was THEIRS, and taking it away from them is “taking it out of the economy.” Just the OPPOSITE is true. Leaving those cuts in place leaves that money IN the economy for people to use; including those who INVEST it in money-making, jobs-creating projects. But he isn’t smart enough to see this.

“TOUCH MY JUNK I'LL HAVE YOU ARRESTED”: That’s what one man said to a TSA worker as he “patted him down” before letting him on an airplane. So they threw him out of the airport and now they’re talking about “Fining” him $10,000! What a bunch of stinky brown stuff! I’d tell them to go pee up a rope if they want to collect that fine. They actually think they have the right to sexually assault people and fine them big money if they so much as object. What a bunch of arrogant SOBs!

“TEA PARTIES” HELPING BRISTOL PALIN: Some liberals trying to vote against Bristol Palin on “Dancing With the Stars” are claiming the “Tea Parties” are “tying up the lines,” preventing a vote for her competition. Typically, they don’t know how it works. There are no “lines” to tie up. The system gives a number to call to vote for one or the other. Each contestant has his/her own number for yes or no. Nobody "answers." You say "yes" just by calling one, "no " by calling the other. There is NO WAY anybody can “tie up the lines.” But apparently they aren’t smart enough to know that.

HE CALLED HIM SGT. SCHULTZ!: Gad, that's just AWFUL! Liberals on TV are incensed about Rush calling one of their number “Sgt. Schultz,” referring, of course, to the German soldier from the television show (whose most famous line is, “I know nothink!"), “Hogan’s Heroes.” They don’t know what it means, but they’re offended, anyway, because Rush said it. Frankly, I don’t care that liberals are being “insulted” and “offended.” They just don’t matter to me. I go out of my way to “offend” them every day.

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