Sunday, November 28, 2010

National Health Care

If the national health care in other countries is so good, why do the top people in other countries come to the U. S. for health care? Arabia’s 86-year-old King Abdullah is coming here for treatment of a blood clot. If medical care was better anywhere else, wouldn’t he go there? (The Blaze)

WHO PAYS FOR IT: The latest “big wedding” is going to cost $40 million dollars and will be paid for by Prince Charles and the bride’s family. But you have to ask yourself, where do the British royals get their money? From the British CITIZENS, that’s where!!

WHO DECIDES? The Rev. (self proclaimed) Al Sharpton said, in his radio show (to which almost nobody listens) that the FCC should take away Rush Limbaugh’s broadcast license for cause. Cause of what? Because he made a reference to a move about a black man driving a white woman? That sounds like a movie made by a liberal, to me. So Limbaugh referred to it. Does that make him a racist? No. But who decides? Al and other liberals, all of whom hate Limbaugh because he exposes their scams and schemes, using their own words..

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS HATE PROFILING: Because it makes it harder for them to kill us. And they use that hatred to "get one up on us" by using their religion to con us into exempting them from the same invasive fondling to which the government subjects all of us in the name of 'protecting us."

THE "TERRORIST DILEMMA": Our wimpy government has a dilemma: what to do with the terrorists we capture "in the act" of trying to (sometimes successfully) kill us. Do we imprison them forever? Or "try" them in civilian courts, where they are GIVEN rights they aren't even entitled to in their own courts? I say we keep them prisoner as long as ONE "Jihadist" is still killing innocent people. Not as "prisoners of war," but as 'enemy combatants."

WHY AARP FAVORS OBAMACARE: It forces thousands of people to buy their "supplemental insurance." You know, that ubiquitous "insurance" that, after you pay for it, covers only PART of the "gap" between what Medicare pays for and what you will owe. I've joined their competition.

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