Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unions Getting Exemptions

Unions, most of which supported Obama’s health care swindle are now demanding (and getting) EXEMPTIONS from it for their members. Why IS this? They think it is “better than sliced bread.” Then why has our government quietly given 111 EXEMPTIONS to them? I thought it was the best thing, EVER. Then why do they NEED exemptions?

SLAP ON THE WRIST: Charlie Rangel has been “convicted” by Congress of 11 of 13 counts of what would constitute tax fraud, had he not been a member of Congress. Now they’re trying to figure out how to “punish” him for his “transgressions.” He’ll probably get a “strongly-worded” letter of “censure” to put in his “permanent file. Something for him to “dance around” for the rest of his long congressional career; something this will not put a stop to. Will he ever see prison? Doubtful.

OBAMACARE ILLEGAL: It was passed illegally (nobody was allowed to know what was IN it until AFTER it passed). So the congresspeople who voted it in violated their oaths of office by voting it into law without knowing what was in it. This makes that very voting process an illegal one. Every congressperson who voted FOR it should be removed from office for cause.

PUTTING WORDS IN YOUR MOUTH: They SAY you said something, then criticize you for saying it. And their minds are unalterably dirty. A TV commentator told a talk show host he “knew how to please a woman,” and the liberals jumped right on it, thinking the worst possible thoughts about what the man said. This, when the man only was responding to a question about why he and his wife have been together so long, I’m sure he meant nothing sexual, but the liberals thought he did, and made the most of it. Typical. Oh; I forgot. He’s a conservative. Of course, they said nothing about Teddy Kennedy and Cris Dodd’s “waitress sandwich.”

DON’T REALLY WANT SOCIALISM: Those moving us ever closer to a socialist mentality don’t really want this country to become a completely socialist nation. They want us to continue using capitalism to earn enough for them to STEAL (tax away). If there’s nobody left to loot, their entire system collapses, as it did in Soviet Russia.

WHO NEEDS $300,000 A YEAR? Charity CEOs, of course. And top government employees. Charity organizations like Planned Parenthood get hundreds of millions of dollars from the government, in addition to the amount they can cadge from the public so they can pay their top executives $300,000 a year. But of course, they promote something the feds want, so they’ll help them any way they can.

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