Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obama Is Lying

I’m really getting tired of having to say this while people “go about their business” and ignore what he is doing to them. The new GM “Volt” is just one such lie. It doesn’t get anything like 100 miles before it needs to be recharged. That little gasoline motor doesn’t just charge it, it DRIVES it when it hits freeway speeds. He told us his health care swindle would cost us nothing. We’re already finding out how much it WILL cost us, and it’s not even in effect yet. What do we have to DO to “wake up” Americans?

I’M WITH JESSE: Jessie Jackson and I don’t agree on much, but when he told a friend (he THOUGHT would not be heard by anybody else) that he’d like to “cut off Obama’s gonads, he finally said something I agree with. Right ON, Jessie! I’ll even provide the clippers—or whatever else you might need.

DOONESBURY LIES, AS USUAL: In one of his latest strips he has a character talking to a Republican on the phone, PRETENDING the Republicans can’t find a single thing they want to cut if they win. The Democrats’ whole problem is that they not only CAN, find things to cut, they WILL. I’m not even a politician, NOR a Republican, but I can name many things I would want to cut. Oh, pardon me: I’m DAMN sure not a Democrat. I will, on occasion, VOTE Republican, but NEVER Democrat.

“RING-AROUND -THE-ROSIE”: The people who make MILLIONS passing and carrying a BALL around know what they’re getting into. They’re big, tough guys who don’t mind getting hit HARD every once in a while and making MILLIONS doing it.. They do the same to others. If they change football into a pansy “ring-around-the-Rosie” game, I don’t blame people for staying away from their games.

QUADRUPLED THE DEBT UNDER BUSH? The Democrats keep saying the national debt QUADRUPLED under Bush and Reagan, and they’re right. But it was the Democrat-controlled Congress that did it. They also don’t tell you that Reagan almost DOUBLED the “tax take” by lowering taxes, while Congress spent $1.50 or every $1.00 of that increase in savings. They always tell only HALF the story.

ISLAMAPHOBIC: Islamic terrorists have killed multi-thousands, maybe multi-MILLIONS of innocent people. If they don’t stop, maybe we’ll become just a teensy bit “Islamaphobic.” Suspecting people who are “proud” Muslims of being terrorists is NOT “phobic.” It is COMMON SENSE.

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