Monday, July 31, 2017

"Trump Does Nothing"

The headline reads, “Trump Does Nothing to Stop Chicago gun Violence.” What? After six months in office, he gets blamed for that, too? Seems more like that's Rahm Emanuel's problem to solve, not Trump's. But Dumocrats are looking around for things to blame on Trump, so he gets blamed for something that SHOULD be a LOCAL problem. If trump has to spend time on that problem, that's a FAILURE on the part of Chicago's mayor, which I'm sure he, and other Dumocrats will “gloss over.”

DREAM ON, GUN-GRABBERS! The headline is, “Gun Buybacks Will Help to Slow Violent Crime.” Oh, right? When has one EVER? Like all the laws the gun-grabbers make, this doesn't work, either. In THEORY, it should, but in PRACTICE, it doesn't. Bad guys turn in their old, useless guns, and use the money to buy new ones that work, and are less likely to blow up in their hands. “Gun crime” goes right on, unabated. And they go right on, PRETENDING it makes a difference while it does NOT. Politicians pat themselves on the back and take a “victory lap while nothing changes.

DEMOCRAT FOREIGN SCANDAL: The Dumocrats are making a big stink about an IMAGINARY “Russian connection” scandal they attribute, with NO evidence, to President Trump, while they, themselves are involved (with proof) in a scandal involving a foreign agent. Debbie wasserman Schultz's (former DNC Chair) “former” IT guy who was involved in a bank scandal, was arrested at an airport, while trying to flee the country with MILLIONS of dollars. Yet they still won't shut up about their IMAGINARY “Russian Connection” story. Meanwhile, the liberal media ignores it. They're too busy with their Russian fable.

LIBERAL STUPIDITY: Now a woman in England claims her DOG had “gender reassignment” surgery. That's what she calls it, anyway. The truth is, the dog was a “pseudohermaphrodite,” which means that, in addition to her female sexual parts, she also had male parts that required surgery to correct. This is what this balmy female called, “gender reassignment surgery.” Now, in addition to forcing gender stupidity on their CHILDREN, people are imagining it for their DOGS.

COMBATING “WHITENESS”: Columbia University is sponsoring forums on “combating whiteness.” They're really trying HARD to get their black against white racism going, folks! And many universities are ignorantly aiding them. The very TERM, “whiteness” means, for white people, what the “N” word means for blacks. It's a slur, and is USED as such. There is no such thing as “white privilege.” Blacks can, and DO, receive the same advantages as do white people, these days. The days of “institutional racism” are over. But they just won't let go of it.

FERTILE IMAGINATION: A Muslim “leader” says, “Western women need us to fertilize them.” And that, “The white race will be extinct in 40 years.” What a fertile imagination this fool has! A “leader” of a bunch of fools who live in the fifteenth century, who thinks they are so far superior to the “:white race” that we will be extinct in 40 years? Gimme a BREAK! He's taking advantage of a “study” showing lowered sperm counts in men, to think we “need” Muslim men to “fertilize” women. What is not said is that sperm counts are like global warming: cyclical. They rise and fall at different times. What he means is that we need to legalize Muslim RAPE of unwilling women to “fertilize: them. He ignores studies about MUSLIM sperm counts to support his ignorant prognostication.

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