Thursday, July 20, 2017

Most Unproductive Congress

That may be true, and the Dumocrats are trying to blame Trump for it, but intelligent human beings know that it is the fault of the “establishment” Dumocrats, who will will vote against ANYTHING Trump proposes. Meanwhile, there are too many Republicans who ride in the same boat. They're the “establishment Republicans” and their bosses tell them to do so. It is the fault of the “establishment,” who regard Trump as an “interloper” and want to be rid of him. They think if they can keep this up, he will not be re-elected in 2020.

DREAM ON, BABE! Shannon Watts, boss of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) says, “I sense momentum in the push for gun safety in state regulation.” Really, Shannon? What about all the states passing concealed carry laws? A MAJORITY of states now have such laws in force. Actually, I sense momentum in gun RIGHTS at state level. They call their silly laws, “gun safety,” but they are ANYTHING but that. They make law-abiding people HELPLESS against the ILLEGAL guns held by criminals and other “bad guys.”

CREEPING STUPIDITY: Great Britain, having already made the fool mistake of almost banning ALL guns and finding that doesn't “solve the gun problem,” are now poised to make an even bigger mistake—banning all knives. What's next? Banning stones? Having mostly banned all guns, they now say “Knife crime is now a scourge on our society.” They call even self defense with a knife a “knife crime.” In England, as here, the anti-gunners are more interested in eliminating all means of self defense for the citizens—unless, of course, you work for the government. So remains government superiority over the “serfs.”

NOTHING IS “FREE”: Students think college should be free. Other young people think entertainment should be free, while others think their ubiquitous cell phones should be free. Then others think “the arts” should be free. There is no end to the things they think should be free. The government is even considering a “universal minimum income” law, giving every American a stipend, just for being alive; which will END any notion of INCENTIVE to do ANYTHING. What they don't realize is, NOTHING is free. It might be free for them,. But SOMEBODY has to pay for it. Universal minimum income, for instance; with nobody working, who's going to work, earn money, and pay for it? Dumb, Dumb!

LIBERALS ARE AGAINST NATURE: Everything the liberals propose goes against human nature. Allowing MEN in women's bathrooms, for instance. That's against the nature of most people, especially our young women, who are often NAKED in there, and don't want a MAN, who thinks he's a woman today, watching them undress and shower. Changing the definition of “marriage” is one of their basic wishes. I have no problem with gays having sex with each other and forming “unions” similar to marriage. That's their business. But when they demand to use the word MARRIAGE to describe their “unions,” that's MY business, and I will have none of it. They promote many other things that are simply AGAINST human nature, but they con people into agreeing with them.

LEFT HATES TRUMP TWEETING: And they want to stop it, because it's so effective. Trump doesn't need their leftist media to get to the American people, after they have “filtered” it through their censorship. He can speak directly to the American people, BYPASSING the liberal media. BECAUSE it's such an effective tool for him to use, they want to take it away from him. Every American has the right to “Tweet” what they want, under the first Amendment. and so does the president. They hate that because it gives him an advantage.

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