Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Trump Is Isolated"

And therefore knows NOTHING, according to the liberal misfits. They're stupid that way. They claim that's the reason he pulled us out of the Paris Accords, among other things. Well, I submit that the ones who are isolated are those fool liberals who actually BELIEVE in the fairy tale of global warming. Liberals “buy into” the fairy tales the other liberals continually feed them, because they know no better, since they've been taught, from kindergarten, only what liberals want them to think.

ELECTRIC CARS: Some time soon, we all may be driving electric cars. Not because that's the best thing to do, but because that's what the government wants us to do, whether it's a good thing, or not. They SAY that electric cars are “good for the environment.” But just think about the sudden INCREASE in coal use when there is a spike in electricity use, as there WILL be when we all start driving electric cars. What environmentalists won't tell us is that, to make electricity, they have to use coal-fired generators. There is no other type of generator as efficient and cost effective than coal so they won't stop using it to produce electricity very soon.

CUZ' THEY WANT IT! We all wonder why the Dumocrat fixation on Trump's imagined “collusion” with the Russians to get elected just will not die. Even after months of “investigation” by many different organizations, and spending millions of dollars to do it, they can't find ANY evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians to get elected, but they just won't give it up, because to do so would be to admit their own failure. They think he's guilty because they WANT him to be guilty and they'll go to their graves, still looking for evidence.

DAT'S JIST ORFUL! Donald trump, Jr., took a meeting with a woman lawyer from Russia to do a little “opposition research” on Hillary. It turns out the meeting got NOTHING, because the woman HAD nothing for him. The Dumocrats regularly search for “dirt” on their opponents, but when Republicans do it, especially Trump or any of his people do it, they try to make a big thing of it, to gain support for their “fairy tale” about Trump “collaborating” with the Russians during the 2016 election. There's nothing there, but what they MAKE of it, publicly, in the liberal media.

PERLMUTTER QUITS: Dumocrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter was a front-runner in the Colorado race for governor, one of 24 candidates. But he suddenly announced he was “pulling out.” Not only that, he was not going to run for re-election as a congressman. What happened in his life to prompt this action? I don't know, but I suspect somebody has something on him and told him he'd better get out of politics or they'd make it public. That may, or may not be the case, but his action is very suspicious.

THEY'RE REALLY DESPERATE: Dumocrats must be really desperate for something, ANYTHING to support their “fairy tale” that Trump or some of his people “colluded” with the Russians in the 2016 election. They've been spending MILLIONS in taxpayer dollars, over many months, to find SOMETHING to support their claims of Trump's “collusion” with the Russians, and found NOTHING. So they find this innocuous meeting with a Russian lawyer with connections to the Russian government, and built it into something it is NOT. This was simply “opposition research,” something the Dumocrats do all the time. But when Republicans do it, they whine and cry about it.

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